Plus Size Jeans, can make you look fantastic, or they can make you look bigger.

You have to stay away from certain cuts of jeans, to stop from adding what I call "frumpiness" This actually goes for all sizes, but is most important with the plus size girl.

Depending on your body shape, you can find plus size jeans that are flattering, so here are a few simple rules to keep in mind when shopping:

1. Stay away from pleats. These pleats in the front of jeans, can literally add 20 pounds to your appearance, and if you wear them too tight, they even add more as the pleats are forced to open when you sit down, adding bulk to your belly.

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2. If you don't want panties showing through, then stay away from the ultra low riser jeans. If you wear a full size pantie, there is nothing more charming then bending over and seeing most of your panties showing. You can wear a slightly low rise, that just comes slightly below your waist, as this can be more comfortable, but stay away from those really ultra low risers.


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flare jeans can make you look slimmer and taller.

3. A slight flare leg, give you the appearance of proportion, a clean line down to your shoes, where as, those skinny jeans, that are tight at the ankle, will make even a size 8 look bigger and not in proportion, they will make your hips look bigger and your feet.

4. Make sure your plus size jeans are the right size for you. You do need to breathe, this is not an option that you consider, it is important, and if you are having to hold your breath to do up the zipper or button, then get out of those jeans and try a different brand. All brands are different, so one brand might work well, when another does not. Make sure the jeans hug your body, but not too tight and not too baggy, either one of those cases, and you will look bigger and frumpy.

You don't need the waistband tight, which then accents your belly, or causing a fat roll to be accentuated even more above the waistband. You want a smooth line, and you need to be able to move freely. Going tighter at the waist, just adds pounds to your look.

5. If you are under 5'6" then you should stay away from Capri style crop pants. With a shorter plus size girl, you will look much shorter and wider, as the eye stops half way down the leg.

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6. A longer pant, will give you a lean appearance, as long as it is not wrinkled up on your shoes! Consider what shoes you are likely to wear with these plus size jeans, when deciding the length of your pants.


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get jeans that fit well and you will look good.

Allow some time when trying on plus size jeans, you need to be relaxed and in a good frame of mind. You will know when you try the right pair on, they will feel good, and move with you.

Once you find a brand of plus size jeans, that works for you.. write it down somewhere and the size. That way, you can see what other colors they have, or possibly other plus size fashions that might work for you, later.

Remember the size is just a range to take into the change room, you don't have to freak out over the number on the size tag. If it bothers you that much then rip the tag out when you get home. Remember squeezing into jeans for the sake of the number on the size tag, will make you look bigger and that is not what you want.

Good fitting plus size jeans, will make you feel good, stand tall, and actually look slimmer. So, go for the style that works best for your height and body shape and have fun!