As we all know, not everyone has the same body type. The media would love for people to think the skinny, clothes hanger type models that grace the pages of fashion magazines and advertisements are the norm, but that is just not true. Having a larger frame puts many teenage and tween girls at a serious fashion disadvantage because the clothing they so desperately want to wear, doesn’t fit them. Shopping with a plus size teenager is no walk in the park. Many shopping trips end in tears of frustration. Really, it is too much to ask of mall stores to carry fashionable clothing for teens in a larger size – based on the selection in the malls, I would have to say yes, it is too much to ask.

As you watch girls enter the front doors of the high school, see them walking around with friends and just plain old observe there is a great need for plus sized teen or junior clothing to hit the mainstream. Unfortunately, this hasn’t happened yet. Why should a teenaged girl feel bad about herself because clothing manufacturers ignore them? Thankfully, there are many clothing stores and manufacturers who have their eyes open and have seen the need. There are stylish and trendy clothes available for the plus sized teen. Most of the selection does remain online, but the selection is great and it really gives teen girls the opportunity to wear what they have so desperately always wanted to wear.

Be aware many plus sized clothing stores advertise as carrying styles for teens, but many do not have teen type clothing – they carry women’s clothes and try to pass it off as juniors. Really, do they think that will work? Regardless of a teenagers size – how many want to dress like their mom or her friends? Um … none. So, finding clothes that are actually for teens can be that much harder to find. Don’t worry, there are stores that really do carry today’s fashions in today’s sizes, not just try to pass the clothes off as juniors.


PacificPlex carries a huge selection of plus sized teen clothing with an emphasis on fun, fashionable and trendy item – pretty much exactly what a teen would look for when buying clothing. PacificPlex has a very handy size chart located on each shopping page to match measurements to sizes. PacificPlex realizes that each designer and manufacturer has its own sizing and guidelines and adds the handy chart to help avoid any size disappointments where the clothing arrives on the doorstep. PacificPlex carries sizes up to a 5X in tops, bottoms, jeans, shorts, dresses, coats, loungewear, shapewear, bras, panties and other intimate wear along with shoes, jewelry and accessories. The prices are quite reasonable and the styles are very cute and unbeatable. PacificPlex carries some of the cutest styles that in fashion right now. Other girls will be asking wear you got the cute top from or where did you get that sweater. PacificPlex by far exceeds all expectations of what you might find in a plus size teen clothing store. Junior plus sized girl will love this shopping experience and shopping tears will be a thing of the past once they stumble upon this store. PacificPlex offers their sizing in the what the fashion industry call a Junior Miss size, which runs about one size small than a women’s plus size item.


Torrid carry teens and junior’s plus sized fashions in sizes ranging from a 12 to a 28 and in some cases up to a 30/32. They have some clothing that comes in sizes ranging from L to 5X. The Torrid website has a handy size chart to convert measurements to sizes for convenient choosing and ordering. Torrid carries a wide selection of fashions including jeans, tops, bathing suits, sweaters, dresses and shorts along with a selection of shoes in wider and larger sizes. They also have an accessories category which has specially sized bracelets and anklets. The clothing at Torrid is truly a plus sized teens dream. They have a wonderful selection of cute clothes to help girls feel good about what they are wearing. Torrid is definitely tops among retailers who carry teen clothes in larger sizes. One of the best things about them is, even though they know they are in a highly specialized market, they do not price gouge. The clothing prices are very reasonable as well as the shipping prices. Torrid has a good customer service department and a reasonable return policy. They also offer periodic sales and clearance items, where some great bargains can be had.

Deb Shops

Deb Shops is another online retailer that carries plus sized teen clothing and fashions. Although, not strictly dedicated to larger sizes, the selection remains a good one. Deb Shops carries sizes 14 to 24 in a wide variety of items including dresses – both casual and more formal occasion dresses, tops, swimwear, jeans, shorts, skirts, underwear, bras, intimate wear, sleepwear and bathing suits. They also carry a selection of trendy shoes and boots along with jewelry and accessories. Deb Shops offers a size chart online where you match your measurements to the chart and get your appropriate size. Deb Shops is reasonably priced and has a good return policy. Deb Shops also, offers free shipping on orders over $50 most times. Overall, Deb Shops has a nice amount of clothing from which to choose.

 These are the top three places to find fun, trendy and fashionable plus sized teen clothing. You will find styles that will take you to the beach or simply everyday at school. Finding larger size junior clothes that fit well and look amazing will do wonders to boost self esteem and help a larger than average teen girl feel better about themselves. Although we would like to think it isn’t what’s on the outside that matters – most people look at the clothes and judge from there. Helping your teen daughter or maybe even yourself look the best possible just makes you feel good.