Leggings have made a comeback onto the fashion scene, and look good with those longer tunics or oversized shirts. If you are size 14 and up, and you want to try this fashion style, then you should look at the plus size leggings and tunics. These are usually a darker color and matching up a great looking stylish tunic should not be hard. Many tunics have well placed belts that work or you can go without the belt. But the style is loose for the belt, almost hanging on your hips.

Designers have done well designing great tunics that come to mid thigh length. These tunics would look good over a pair of tights. There are a few unwritten rules to work these easy to care and easy to wear tights into your fashions wardrobe. One is to stay away from high heels with this look. It just doesn’t have the same effect as flat shoes.Plus size leggingsCredit: amazon.com

You can get these leggings and tunics in young hip and trendy styles. In this case you can get away with tight ones under a chic styled tunic, or maybe a dress that is just a bit too short. This style will work well for you. Also, these look best with flats, or low heel sandals for a comfortable and yet polished look. They are great for a day at the mall or casual days with friends.

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when paired up with a nice tunic these will make you look slim.

Match the Leggings with a Chic Plus Size Tunic

Nothing makes you look slimmer than a nice fitting longer tunic.  When worn over tights these really gives you a slimmer look.  Don't get one that is too baggy but you want some room.

The best part is that designers have recognized the need to create trendy and chic styles to fit nicely in the large sizes. 

If you are more mature, and would love to wear this look, then check out the ones that are not skin tight. These usually are slim with some room (not as tight fitting) and are boot cut, for wearing flat shoes. You can then dress these up with a longer tunic or shirt, and accessorize it with a loose belt that hangs on the hips. This has a classy and yet sexy look.

This style hides areas we don't want to show, and accents the parts we do. This style can make you look taller and slim as the tunic is fitted and yet flows over the hips. The trick is to make sure the tunic doesn't go past your mid thigh or you will look shorter and wider.

If you just happen to have a few dresses in your closet, that you feel are too short, then adding a pair of leggings, will create a new outfit if they come down to your mid thigh, or maybe you could shorten them for an addition to your wardrobe.

When trying them on, make sure that the leggings are sized for you, and not too tight, as this will just show off every bulge you are trying to hide. They are meant to be slim fitting but not cutting off circulation! They are created from soft Lycra and cotton many times and are comfortable to wear. They have become popular for exercises such as yoga, as they move well with you and don't bunch up. .

The tunic, should come to mid thigh, and not be too baggy. You want it to be flowing, but not a tent. There are many tunics that have gentle darts or slight tucks at the higher waist that help to give you some shape. There are lots of styles and fabrics in the tunic line, so you should be able to find something that suits you.

Pairing up trendy tunics with basic leggings is a great casual look. You can get styles that show off your bust or cover it up. There is so much to choose from. So, if you are shopping for these outfits, then you should also check online.

Shopping online is a great way to get variety. There are many plus size stores selling huge lines of product, so check them out too.  

But you can also check out your favorite store online. Sometimes they will carry more variety online, than they do in their physical store. Many offer free shipping with a larger enough purchase, so worth comparing prices. Plus size tunicCredit: amazon.com

So, if you want to add a new look to your wardrobe, then check out the tunics and the leggings that designers have created for the latest in fashions style. They are a great way to wear something fashionable, and yet feel so comfortable without the waistbands digging in or at your thighs, which is common with jeans and pants. Take advantage of this latest style, especially if you are plus size, you will love how it feels, and how easy you can move.  Also check out dressy tops for a glamorous look.

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you can get some beautiful styles.