You can still look trendy and chic in plus size maternity swimwear.  If you love to swim or hang out around the pool or beach and you just happen to be sporting a baby bump there are some really awesome bathing suit styles that will work with your body and grow with it too.

Plus Size Maternity Bathing Suits

There are so many new styles of bathing suits on the market now no matter what size you are, and that includes maternity.  Designers are really coming up with some pretty nice styles and great fabrics that don’t pinch or bunch.

You don’t want to spend too much, but you do want something that looks nice, accents your changing body, and makes you feel good. 

Buy Separates - Skirtini and Tankini in Maternity

You may find at this time in your life that having a 2 piece bathing suit would work best for you.  If a 2 piece in your mind means “bikini” and you shudder at the thought,  then you should check these out, because now on the market on skirtini’s and tankini’s which cover more than a bikini but still look great.

A Skirtini, is a like a pair of shorts or skirt with attached panties made from bathing suit materials.  These look chic and work really well for anyone who wants to disguise their hips or thighs a bit more than a skimpy bikini would.

But the best part about this is that you can get a skirtini or bottoms in a maternity style with the expanding panel in the tummy and are available in XXL.  This way all you need to do is pair it up with a great maternity tankini top and you are ready for the pool and these will grow with you.

Mermaid Maternity Women's Maternity V Insert Tankini Top
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(price as of Jun 24, 2016)

Maternity Tankini

If you purchase a pair of maternity skirtini’s then you can pick a few different tops to go with them for a mix and match when swimming. 

This particular mermaid bathing suit top will fit you throughout your pregnancy and even after.  It has a drawstring at the bottom so you top won’t float up in the water and you can adjust it as you grow. 

Pair this with the above skirtini bottoms and you are set.  This top has a soft molded bra for good support and adjustable straps.

This maternity bathing suit top will look great on you too!

Prego Women's Babydoll Halter Maternity Swimsuit
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(price as of Jun 24, 2016)

Maternity Swimwear

If you prefer the look of a longer top that is more flowing rather than close fitting, then this tankini top and bottom set gives the look of a one piece bathing suit.

It will flow over your growing belly rather than drawing attention to it.  The bottoms fit over your belly for comfort. 

This one looks more like a swim dress rather than a suit, but is another comfortable option for your swimming experience while pregnant.

It has a halter style neckline which is flattering and good supporting bra cups for all stages of your pregnancy.

Plus Size Maternity Swimwear

There are many more choices when it comes to maternity bathing suits compared to just a short few years ago.  The size ranges are larger.   The fabrics are soft and yet supportive and they drive very fast, so no more sitting around in damp suits.  Enjoy this time in your life, and treat yourself to good supporting maternity swimwear.

Once you have finished with maternity wear you can give it away to a friend or sell online.  Then you can treat yourself to plus size swimwear that will make you look awesome.