Aspiring to become a plus size model (also commonly referred to as a fat model), may call for some extra height and an ideal size range, but it is most important to be genuinely inspired, and possess the needed drive and 'tough skin' in order to become successful in the plus size modelling category of the fashion industry.


Fat ModelCredit: Omgeemag

Any fat curvaceous woman who’s got what it takes and has an interest in fashion and modelling can be a successful fat model, because there is a high demand for plus size women by fashion designers that require the services of fat models to showcase their plus size apparel creations.


To get started, it's good to know that while fat ladies need to fit into specific sizes to become plus size models, the generally accepted height is between 5ft 8in. and 6ft and must wear a size 14 and above. The body's shape must be proportionally structured and legs must be shapely, even if large.


This is not to say that fit but fat models that are shorter or fatter are not sought after. Some plus size modelling agencies do call for larger sizes and shorter heights than is standard, so it’s worth inquiring when calling agencies, before wasting precious time visiting one to find out otherwise.


Create Your Portfolio

When first trying to 'break' into the plus size modelling industry, a full and professionally put together portfolio is not required. At least not before making inquiries about modelling. Just start to take nice photographs of yourself, shots that will show off your natural beauty. They need not yet be staged or posed photo shots and attires must be simple but flattering.


Take at least a couple of high quality face shots and two full body shots. These shots must be of good quality, clear and clean without any distracting background. Better to turn up without any photographs, but exuding potential and good body language. No 'tart like' postures or moves.


Contact Fat Female Models Agencies

First of all, educate yourself about the right type of modelling agencies. Reputations of plus size modelling agencies can be enquired from other professional fat models who've made a career of modelling plus size apparel. Once you've got referrals, you'll then need to get in touch them to enable you jumpstart your professional career. And whatever you do, never pay upfront fees to sign on to, or apply to any modelling agency.


If you reside in a big city, call the top five agencies in your area and schedule appointments to meet with them. When you appear for your appointment, wear smart casual and comfortable outfits that fit well and do justice to your curvaceous figure. A pair of pretty kitten heels is good to add a little extra height without being too obvious.


Attending a Casting Call

Attending open call sessions can be an overwhelming event for aspiring fat female models, especially when they find themselves in a large group of plus size models hopefuls. Some agencies may require you filling out an extensive form before even speaking to, or sighting an aspirant. Some may also be assessed by the modelling agency representing them. Questions will include identifying contact information, general interests, body weight, measurements, and modelling or photo shoot experience, if any.


At the open casting call, smile pleasantly and be good natured. Don't allow any criticism to get to you. You'll find that as you attend more of these casting calls, you may hear complimentary or deprecating comments on your photo head shots or body shape. If their views sound offensive or negative, don't be fazed, just remember this is your dream and you are certain that you want to do this. Simply say thank you and just move on. Meaning, never give up. Remember, patience and perseverance pays off in the long run.


Fat Models Contest

Plus Size ModelCredit: The Chive

There are coast to coast fat models searches through plus size contests that happen every year, and a good example of this is the popular 'Ashley Stewart’s Coast to Coast Model Search'. So for those of you budding plus size model, stay abreast of the industry by searching for, and looking into plus size modelling contests. There is an ever growing list of magazines such as the Plus Model magazine, apparel companies, and agencies that hold fat females modelling contests each year. So, mark your calendars, and get on the road to researching your entry into the plus size modelling industry. Do not pay any modelling agency to be on their website, to be represented.


And finally, if you do get signed on as a fat model, you'll be expected to put together a presentable portfolio, one that should be carefully crafted so as to form a good impression with prospective clients.