Finding Trendy Plus Size Clothes

 Designer Plus Size - A Plus Size Women, is someone who wears a Size 14 or higher. But since research shows that 65% of North American women are considered "plus size", why is there such a stigma attached to it?

Finding trendy plus size clothes has finally got a bit easier, but many women still have the size tag stuck in their heads.Plus Size Clothes(131779)Credit:

I have friends that get some kind of thrill out of being able to squeeze into single digit sizes, just so they can say "hey look I am a size 8!". even though breathing is no longer an option!. Actually wear clothes so tight, that they end up with stomach cramps, all in the name of that single digit sizing, that the media pushes.


Adrianna Papell Women's Plus-Size 3/4 Sleeve Lace Dress, Navy, 16W
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Designers are creating beautiful lines with the plus size dresses. No more baggy and shapeless dresses!

Designer Plus Size Designed Just For Your Body Type - But in actual fact, a curvy girl will actually look worse in clothes that are not designed for her body size. Just because you can squeeze a bulge in here or there, doesn't mean it is gone, and it will try and find somewhere else to pop out, and still look bad!

This actually makes you look bigger. You need trendy plus size clothes that hug all the right curves and glide over the other ones.

 The best thing we can do, is to use those sizes as a "guide only". Since different brands and fashion houses size their clothes differently, and just like shoes, not all numbers are a true measure of your size.

Designer Plus Size Styled For You - If based on your measurements you think you are a size 16, take a 14, 16 and 18 into the change room, and try them all on and see which makes you look and feel your best. Have a friend with you to help you make that decision, someone who will be honest with you.

 Once you have found a design that suits you, makes you feel good, you can breathe and stand tall, and makes you feel happy, then you will automatically look slimmer, since you will walk tall, and not be tugging at bulges and too tight waistbands, and looking red in the face.


Plus Size Model Leads the Way in Fashion

Designers Are Working Hard - Once you have found that perfect outfit, buy it, take it home and rip off that size tag.. no one needs to know the size other than you. Everyone will just notice how nice you look, and will not focus on bulging seams which actually make you look heavier.

Designers have taken note, that such a large percentage of the population is considered "plus size" and have started to create some very nice fashions that are geared to our ample size and curves, no longer are the larger sizes shoved in the back of the store, as plus size models are now showing up in fashion shows.

Designers have finally started to create stunning and trendy plus size clothes that fit well. So if you think your shopping trip was going to be a quick one, then you had better allow a day, and take your credit card because most retail clothing stores are selling treny plus size clothes and fashions.

More and more size 12 and up models are walking the runways along side the size 2s, and the right styled fashions are following. So, be ready to try on many stylish trendy clothes created by designers just for you.

So, if you need a larger size to look your best, go for it. Why be uncomfortable? Ignore the size tag, and breathe again! With the latest in trendy plus size fashions, you will look your best, no more baggy sweat shirts for you!

Danny & Nicole Women's Plus-Size Status Pant Suit, Coral/Turquoise, 16 Large
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You can also shop online for some really trendy styles in just the right size that fits.