Plus size outerwear, is just as important as that evening gown for the gala.

If you live in snow country, then like anyone else, you have to be prepared for winter. Start shopping now. Designers have created, some great plus size winter wear this year, and no longer do you have to drag yourself to the mall, and poke through the back of the store searching for a size 22. Ten to one, it didn't even fit right anyways, but it was all you could find right?

Well, you have to be safe, so you need to find something warm. Many of my plus size friends, choose to just wear extra sweaters, because they just can't find any winter coats that don't make them look like a big tent, if they can find any at all, and just hate shopping.

But this year, designers have really gone to town, to try and cater to ALL sizes. You need to be warm, but you don't have to look frumpy! Find the large specialty stores that cater to outerwear. I have found them to carry many different sizes for tiny to the larger frame.

While you are trying on all the cool and trendy outerwear, especially the winter coats, you need to keep in mind, what you are likely to be wearing underneath them, and wear it to the store. If you love big bulky sweaters, then you will have to get a size larger to make sure you are not wearing your winter coat too tight. This will just cause bulging, and pulling, and you could easily fall if you are not comfortable, this goes for any size, not just plus size, you want to feel good.

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Ashley Stewart Women's Plus Size Faux Leather Racer Jacket
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designers have started creating great plus size coats and jackets that fit all the right curves. They are no longer baggy and look chic.

You want to feel good wearing your plus size outerwear, so go for colors you like and a style that suits your body shape. Decide if you want long to cover over your rear, or if you want waist length because you are likely to wear snow pants. Snow pants come in all sizes now too. Most plus size girls, just had to have cold legs, because snow pants were just not made to fit their curves. But check them out now. Don't walk by that aisle.

Make sure you get a decent, warm pair of winter boots. If you have larger calves, make sure you wear whatever type of socks you would likely to wear, and make sure they fit. I have a friend, who just as soon wear her running shoes out in the snow, because she got sick of trying to find plus size boots, that would cover her larger calves. But check them out this year! Many of these specialty outerwear shops carry everything for plus size outerwear as well. Many styles of boots have been created to accommodate larger legs, you are not restricted to just little ankle boots anymore. Designers have been listening!

Get out there and make your shopping circle larger, get out of your shopping rut, and check out some of these new designs, especially for the plus size outerwear. Caution: You might just empty your wallet having fun shopping!

Ashley Stewart Women's Plus Size Ponte Cascade Blazer
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Check out this plus size line of outerwear and jackets from the Ashley Stewart line. They are trendy and fit great.