This year colour is in, and the plus size red cocktail dress shows it off well.

For years, every girl wanted or had that “little black number” in the back of the closet just waiting for that “gala opening” or something fancy to wear it to.  But not everyone can wear black. 

As nice as a “little black dress” sounds, many women just don’t look their best in black, but still love the idea of the “little dress” or cocktail dress to wear to that opening or gala or just look great out on the town.

Well the red cocktail dress is great for the girl who is sick of wearing black or just doesn’t want to fade into the background.  There is nothing wrong with colour just because you are a curvy sized girl.  A plus size is considered a size 14 and up, which is approximately 65% of North American women, so it only makes sense that designers come up with sexy outfits and dresses to fit this percentage of women.

This year designers have done well, and have models on the runways of the fashion shows with plus size designs that hug all the right curves.  There is a lot more to choose from than there ever was.  So, if you think you were just going to get that baggy tent dress and wear it to the gala, then you are going to be in for a shock when you go shopping.Plus Size Red Cocktail DressCredit:

Get your credit card ready ladies, because size 14 and up is no longer in the back of many clothing stores.  Yes, there are specialty stores for the larger size for you to shop in, but there are also main stream clothing stores in the malls, that are offering a wider variety of sizes, including the plus sizes.


If you have a special event to go to, or you just want to really dress up for that night out, then get yourself out of the habit of buying black or dark colours to look slimmer.  If you try on the right sized dress for you, you will look amazing. 

You have to get rid of that number tag mentality, and go for the fit.  Remember, different manufacturers will have slightly different sizes anyways.  So, don’t get all hung up on that size tag.  If you normally take a size 16 but the size 18 looks amazing, then get that one!  You can always cut the tag out if the number bothers you that much.  No one needs to know but you.

If you are looking for a red cocktail dress, then it wouldn’t hurt to take someone with you, or find a store with trained staff, that can help you get the right style of dress for you.  It is nice having someone that can hand you different sizes and styles in the change room.

Nothing can be more frustrating than having to keep putting back on your old clothes because you need to do more searching.  Having a few picked out, and then having someone to hand you different ones while taking away the ones you don’t want will help to keep the shopping trip fun and not so frustrating.

Find the right style and size for your body shape and you will be amazed at just how much slimmer you will look.  A good quality, well fitting cocktail dress should hug all the right curves and glide over the rest, with no tugging or bulging.  You will look stunning and stand taller and look sizes smaller with the right fit. 

So, go ahead and venture into the colours this year, and get yourself a plus size red cocktail dress and be the belle of the ball.