If you absolutely dread shopping for swimwear, and resort to wearing that ratty old one you bought years ago, and then sit in a corner with a cover up on, then you have to go shopping this year and treat yourself to the latest in a plus size skirtini!

Like the Tankini, which is a top and short style bottoms, that also work well for the plus size girl, there is a new wave from the designers called a skirtini. Which is your tank top which can have a built in bra or not, and the bottoms are briefs with a skirt attached.

They look sexy and trendy, come in many colors, and although they work really well for the curvy size girl, the trend has become so popular that all sizes are wearing the skirtini.  They are comfortable and let you bend with out any pinching and make you look slimmer!

These great pieces of swimwear, are made from a polyester and spandex blend. They have a control panel at the belly, and will also cinch your waist in for a flattering look. If you decide you are not thrilled with your thighs, then you can opt for a longer style skirtini skirt. Some go as far as mid thigh.

The skirtini, comes in so many designer styles, that you have lots of choice. If you are proud of your bust line, then you can get the tank top with a built in control shelf bra, and low cleavage. If not, you can get the simple tank top style, if you don’t like your belly, the control panel helps there and the skirts just seem to flow over your body without looking bulky. If you like your legs, then you can wear the shorter skirt style. It is all up to you and how you feel, there is bound to be a kirtini just for you.

The tankinis became popular the last few years, and you are seeing more and more people coming out from hiding when it comes to swimwear. But this season the skirtini has definitely made its mark, as you can cover up all those spots you are self conscious about, and yet still show off the sexy parts. You have a lot more control.

So, before you go shopping decide which bits you want to hide and which bits you can show off, then allow some time for shopping. There is a lot of choice now in the skirtini and tankini swimwear lines. You can go to the beach or pool and then out and about they are that cute.

Swimwear has really come a long way. It is no longer just for that perfect “10” body, you can look sexy, while hiding the spots you are not thrilled with. These fabrics are modern and dry very quickly, and many plus size girls will wear the top part with the regular summer wear as it has a built in bra and is soft, which means you don’t have to layer with a bra and a top.Plus Size SkirtiniCredit: amazon.com

So, if you were dreading shopping for swimwear, then you have to check out the latest in a skirtini. Wear a cute mini skirt in style at the beach. Look great and feel great. 

Shopping online is a great way to buy skirtinis. there are many great designer names out there that you are sure to find one that works for you.

You size them just like your regular plus size clothes. If you wear a size 20, then you order a size 20. These are the greatest feeling bathing suits and summer casual wear going. The designers have finally designed some great swimwear for the curvy size girl that is sexy and trendy. These are so popular that all sizes are wearing these.  There are other styles you might like too such as the tankini which can be worn in the water or not.

Once you stop worrying and being self conscious about your swimwear you will enjoy the day, so get something that fits and looks nice and don't be a wall flower.

Delta Burke Blue Kokimo Skirtini Plus Size Swimwear - Blue - Size:24
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