The plus size girl, has a lot more options when it comes to shopping for trendy and chic fashions this season. Designers have been creating great fashions and this is especially so in the trendy skirt.

It was not that long ago, that a plus size skirt, was basically the same style skirt as the size 6 just made bigger! The problem with that is, the shape of a curvy girl, does not always support the styles and shape of the size 6. So, a larger size girl didn't always get the effect they were looking for in a skirt.

But now with more and more plus size models showing up on the fashion runways around the world, designers have been sharpening their pencils and coming up with trendy and chic designs for sizes of the larger curvy sized women. Whether you are tall or petite, you now have a lot of styles to choose from.

Fabrics have got better too. No more bunching at the waistband. You no longer have to resort to that basic unflattering elastic waist, as many have gone to a stretch style fabric band at the waist which does not bunch up after washing, and show under a tunic or blouse. You can tuck in the blouse and it will look good. If you choose to wear a closer fitting top the waistbands of the skirt, do not show through.

There are a lot of choices now when it comes to shopping for a skirt. At one time you were pretty well restricted to the specialty and expensive "plus size store". They are still around and you can check there, but many popular retail stores have started carrying more and more of the larger sized skirts and other fashions, as there is money to be made in this market.

Since studies have shown, that more than 65% of North American women are considered plus size (size 14 and up) then it only makes sense that they are likely losing out on customers, if they are sticking to the under size 14 crowd. Some stores would carry up to size 16, but that was it. Not anymore. So, if you thought it was a quick shopping trip to find a quality and well fitting designer skirt, then you are wrong.

You will need to allow time to try on the many styles and colors, in the skirt market that are out there now. Take a friend, and wear the blouse or top you want to be able to wear the new skirt with. This will save you lots of time, unless of course you want a new blouse as well! Or maybe a few other things.

Remember the fashion designers have created lots of great larger size fashions now, you may end up seeing more than a skirt. But if you want to find more choices, then consider shopping online.   Most of the stores have an online presence now.  So simply look for your favourite store online or check out Amazon.  They are carrying many different sizes and trendy fashions online too such as the one pictured the plus size denim skirt.Plus size denim skirtCredit:

Shopping online has never been this good. You can use the online stores to compare prices, and see styles in a plus size skirt, that you think you would like. You can then order them, and then check them out in the privacy of your own home.

Have fun shopping for plus size skirts and be warned, you may find more than one skirt!  Find out more about wearing jeans too if you are a larger curvy girl.


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