The plus size sundress is one of the coolest and trendiest pieces you can have in your wardrobe this summer. Batik is in this year, so look for those batik dresses for added flair.

There are so many beautiful prints this year. Try to stay away from the large flower prints, if you are trying to minimize any parts of your body, or stripes that go across your chest. But otherwise, be ready for a full day of shopping! There are racks and racks of designer styles this year.

Take stock of the parts of your body that you feel comfortable with. Do you have great shoulders, then wear a sleeveless sundress. Do you have great legs? Then wear a shorter style.


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This year, many of the awesome dresses are sporting that higher waistline, which can smooth out any midriff areas that you wish to hide. But if you love the style of the summer sundress, but don't like to bare your arms, then there are cute little sweaters and jackets that fit just over the arms and chest as accessories.

Many of the larger sized fashions, are being designed as chic and sexy, and have options for accessories, to accent or hide any parts on you that you don't feel comfortable showing. Such as silk scarves that you can drape around your shoulders and neck, little lightweight sweaters and fitted blazers for example.

The trick is, when shopping, is to like what you see, try it on, and if it just doesn't feel right, then don't buy it. No matter what your friends say, or the store personnel, if you don't feel right moving, walking or bending in the dress, then don't buy it.

The fact is, you are not limited to choices this year. Designers are finally catering to the larger curvy girl, which is size 14 and up. We all do the best we can with our own health, and exercise, but no one looks like a Barbie doll. We are all different, and what one person likes to show off, another wants to hide. Some carry extra weight in their bellies and others on their hips. No matter what your shape or size, whether you are a size zero or a 28, you need to feel good in what you are trying on. Or else you will pay good money for it, and it will be banished to the back of your closet!

I have many friends, me included, that will put off buying something nice, because you are waiting to get to that "perfect size". So, that you can come out of the larger sized sundresses and into the single digit ones, so that you would have more choices. But that is not true anymore. There is lots of choice in the plus size trendy fashions this year.

Well many people, are not naturally a size 6 or 8. Many people are tall and lean and are still a size 14 or 16. So, why torment yourself. Even if you are trying to get into those smaller sizes, you still deserve to feel good right now, not next year!

To feel good right now, you need to get out there and try on some of these new designer batik sundresses. With designers working hard on sexy and chic, they have managed to come up with designs, that don't make us look bulky with layers, and they hug the right curves.

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You will know that moment when you put on that sundress, and it fits just right. It hugs the right curves and slides over the "not so nice curves"!. Just keep trying on the different styles until you find one that works for you.

This year the fashion trend for summer wear or any size for that matter, is simple lines, simple design, and easy care fabric. No one wants to run up dry cleaning bills anymore! Who has the time?. So, look for the higher waistline style this year, and try it on. If you feel to naked then get a thin crochet or light knit accenting jacket or sweater to go with this sundress. The accessories are made to fit well too. No more hanging and loose fitting jackets and sweaters that make you look bigger!.


If you want to head out to a special occasion, you can take a plus size sundress and dress it up with exotic looking jewelry, higher heels, and a shimmering little sweater or blazer. This will dress you up for that wedding, party or barbeque this summer. No need to buy a special sundress for each occasion. Just dress up the one you have purchased.

Many larger clothing stores in the malls now, are catering to the larger sized trendy fashions. Since over 65% of North American women are considered plus size or size 14 and up, there is no reason why you can't look sexy, trendy and chic.

Plus size teenagers would be faced with the baggy styles, to hide themselves away, but no more. With the younger, sleek and trendy fashions that designers are coming up with this year, shopping will be a lot more fun for the younger person this summer.

So, go by the size you are right now. Not the size you want to be someday, and by finding a sundress for this summer, that hugs the right curves and falls over the others, you will stand taller and you will actually look sizes smaller than you are. So, you can look slimmer just by wearing the right dress.

If you really don't know what works for you, then head to a specialty store, where personnel are trained and up to date with the latest trendy wear, and let them help you pick a sundress for you. Once you find something that fits, you will want more. Be ready, your credit card may just take a beating in the trendy stores this year.