Are you heading south this winter and need plus size swimwear?

Are you getting anxiety attacks, just thinking about trying on a bathing suit, never mind that it needs to be a larger size?

Well put your anxieties away, and pick a relaxing day, and wear comfortable, and easy to remove clothes, and get out there and see what has changed this year.

The curvy girl is now chic. Plus size models, such as Nancy Hayssen and Crystal Renn have triggered a huge boom in the larger size clothing lines, and of course the swimwear.

You still need to follow a few rules, just like any other size would, this is not just restricted to the plus size girl. As with any styles, you want to enhance your best bits and let the fabric smooth over your "not so nice" bits. This does not mean that you are restricted to that black one piece swim suit, that you always resort to.

Designers have answered the call, and have come up with some amazing styles for the larger size swimwear line. You have racks of styles to choose from now. So, in actual fact, you will need more time to try on all the different styles.

If you are more a triangle shape, with the proportion of your body measurements in your hips, then you will want to enhance your bust line to draw the eye upwards and not add any bulk to your hips. This is not the time to have frills on the hips etc.

Plus Size SwimwearCredit:


this style works perfectly for hiding the hips

There are many styles with "built in shapers" that create a smooth line in this size of swimwear without adding bulk. They work well for the waist, to get rid of the "rolls" look Designers are using unique fabrics and elastics that don't dig in, for their designs now.

You can wear any color you want, but stay away from very large prints. Go with either a plain color our small print. When trying on your swimwear, make sure that the legs fit well, that they don't dig into the top of your thighs, this will create the look of added weight.

If you have trouble with your thighs, why not try the one piece swimwear with an attached skirt or even a skirtini. They look really nice, and take the eye away from any digging in of elastic or any bulk. They give a smooth appearance, and you can swim in them and feel comfortable. So if your hips and thighs are your "worrisome spot" to you, then look at the many designs out this year with a skirt bottom to cover there.

Plus Size Swimwear - TankiniCredit:


this can be worn to swim or as a top.

Designers have created great designs to hug the right curves and smooth over the others when it comes to the larger size fashions. The plus size swimwear has been getting the same attention. There are many styles now, that will bare as much skin as you are comfortable with, as well as others that do not show as much at all, but you can still have fun swimming.

No more throwing off the robe and throwing yourself in the pool because you are self conscious.  If you feel good about what you are wearing and not feeling self conscious then you will stand taller and look slimmer.  No more being a wall flower at the beach or next pool party.

Get out of that shopping rut you are in. You know the one, where you only go out and grab the first thing that somewhat fits, and then cover yourself up with a robe and not leave the chair.

The only side effect to these new lines of swimwear is that it might just empty your wallet quicker, as you won't be able to just stop at one bathing suit, you will want a few, plus some accessories, such as a gorgeous cover up for after your swim, not to hide in.

The fabrics are lightweight and yet have this ability to really hold everything in without having to hold your breath.  I bought a tankini and was instantly impressed that I could still wear a 2 piece suit!