If you are looking for great swimwear this year, and you are also a curvy girl, then you should really look at a plus size Tankini swimsuit.

this really accents your figure in all the right places.

 These are a really cool design that works well with the larger build. They are the greatest invention when it comes to sexy plus sized swimwear.

If you have been out shopping and absolutely dread trying on bathing suits, or swimwear and basically just wear a cover up all summer, then you have to check out the tankini swimwear. These will get you out from under that cover up, and enjoying the summer.


If you are wondering, "just what is a Tankini?", then find out here, and then head out shopping! A tankini is basically a 2 piece outfit. The bottoms are like a bikini bottom but shaped more like shorts with a bit more coverage, and a matching separate tank top.  Sometimes the bottom could be panties with a skirt over top which is called a skirtini such as the one pictured from Amazon.


They are created out of a combination of Lycra and or Spandex and cotton, which gives you some support and slimming advantages as well as soft comfort. They can go from the pool and beach to out and about. The tank tops can have built in under wire (depending on the style you get) which is great if you worry about support for your bust. The fabrics feel soft, and don't cause and chafing.

This way, you are wearing a bikini, with a longer top! Covering your belly, and the tops of your legs (depending on the style of bottoms you choose) These tankinis, are sold in matching sets, and also as separates, which is great if you are a bit bigger on the bottom or the top. You can mix and match them, and they just give you that slim look, which makes you feel great and sexy.

If you feel self conscious about wearing a bikini and exposing your belly, but you don't like the restrictions of  one piece swimwear, then you should check out the plus size tankini swimwear. The designers have done a great job with this line of swimwear. They are slimming, and hide your belly and yet still look sexy. They give gentle control to those problem spots, such as the waist, hips and thighs.

If you are not only a curvy girl, but a busty one, they have great fitting tankinis, that have formed cups for size D and higher. This allows you to participate more in beach games and fun without worry. The bust is supported with the formed cups and the built in under wire. This means you can not only wear this tankini to the beach or pool side, but also as a fashionable top with other clothes. No separate bra to worry about.

They are designed to fit any girl, whether you are a teenager or more mature women, you can find ones to fit. It doesn't matter your shape either, there is one that will fit you whether you are a pear or an apple or somewhere in between. You will get the control at the waist, hips and thighs, without feeling any restrictions and be able to move freely. This alone is a big plus for the larger sized women.

So, this year, you don't have to be a wall flower with that big t-shirt cover up on, and sitting at the side of the pool. You should try on a tankini and get involved. They wash well and are dry before you know it. You can get them in patterns and all kinds of trendy and chic styles and colors.

So, if you thought this was the year you would pick either that black or blue one piece oversized swimsuit, then you are sadly mistaken! Take a day, take a friend, and find the latest in the tankini swimwear line. Get a few and the tops can double as summer tops with other clothes. You will want more than one set. Mix and match them.

Where to get them - Most plus size stores will carrry the tankini, and also check out the malls, as many main stream retail outlets have got on board with the larger size fashions and now carry them. With more than 65% of the North American women being plus size, they realized they were losing a chunk of the market. So, you are seeing trendy, and chic and sexy clothes in most main stream stores.


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