Plus Size tops, used to be hard to find, especially if you wanted ones that actually made you feel good and look good instead of hanging like a tent from the shoulders.

Plus size, is considered any women sized 14 and up. Since this is a huge part of the population now, it is only in the past couple of years, since plus size models, such as Crystal Renn, showed up in fashion shows, that designers have created some great looking plus size tops.

When shopping for a plus size top, you want to stay away from that baggy look. Find your size, and even if you have to get a bigger size, get one that has some darts in the side, or a "slight waistline" this visually gives you shape. Rather than just hanging off your shoulders. If you are not pregnant, then there is no need to look pregnant.

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eVogues Plus Size Sexy RED Black Lace Corset Top - 2X
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designers have created really sexy plus size tops that will make your look fantastic!

Sexy Plus Size Tops

You can look sexy no matter what size you wear as long as it fits you in all the right places.  Get the size that fits you best and let the style of the garment do the rest.  As you can see by this red sexy corsette style sexy top which you can get up to size 5X to fit your ample curves.

Take a good look at your body shape, and decide what curves are your best, and what curves you would rather hide. For example: If you have wider hips, then stay away from plus size tops that flare out at the bottom, or just sit right on top of your hips. You should go for a "slightly fitted" top at the waist or high waist, and a top that is either tailored style or straight, and goes over your hips, rather than stopping right at the widest part.

Most plus size stores have staff that have been trained to help fit clothes for you. But also go by your gut feeling. If you stand in front of the mirror, after trying plus size tops on, and you just don't like it, don't let anyone talk you into buying it. No matter how much they are all saying "how good it looks on you".. if you don't feel comfortable, or it just doesn't look right to you, then don't get it. You don't want this to add to your reasons for never going shopping again! These are the clothes that end up in the back of the closet.

Plus Size Tops for Women

Shopping for clothes should be fun, and it is nice to try on different styles and just see what looks good. With designers catering to plus size models now, this is filtering down in the stores. Many retail stores are adding bigger sizes to their inventory, and have more plus size tops and clothes to choose from than ever before. They have realized how good this can be for their bottom line, to cater to the plus size girl, with some nice trendy fashions, and not those shapeless sweatshirts, t-shirts or tent dresses.

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Ashley Stewart Women's Plus Size Paisley Print Woven Top Coralina 26
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retro styling is hot this year. This plus size tunic pairs up with jeans or dress pants.

But you also have to come out of that "mindset" of finding the first baggy thing you think will go over your body. Try and find something with some style. You will be amazed at how designers have created styles that hug the right curves, and not just a larger version of the size 2!. Plus size tops and clothes, that have actually been designed to fit your ample body.

So, get our your wallet, and take a day and do some shopping for yourself. You will need the time, because there is so much to choose from now.. Have fun!