A plus size tunic, that fit all of your curves, can make you look taller and leaner.

If you are size 14 and up, then you most likely do your shopping in the plus size section. But for years, designers would make clothing that basically hung off a larger curvy girl like a tent.

 Well with over 65% of North American women being size 14 and higher, designers have finally put pencil to paper and have come up with some very sexy, chic and trendy styles, especially in the tunic. No more tent hanging from your shoulders looking like maternity wear.


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Shopping Online Is Much Easier Now for Larger Stylish Tunics

There are so many styles to choose from now, that you will be spoilt for choice. But if you look at the picture with this article, you will see a new style in tunics for this season. This particular style includes a "faux" layer, to give you the look of layering without the bulk.

It also hugs above the natural waistline, for the high waist style, which is great at smoothing and hiding any belly fat or love handles!

If you purchase it in the right size for you, it will also smooth over the hips, and give a fluid look. The worst thing any girl can do, no matter what the size tag, is to wear clothes, that are a size too small. You will actually look larger, as the eye will follow the stretched fabric, or the "love handles" that get hugged when clothes are too tight.

So, get the size tag out of your head, it is really just a guide so you know what part of the rack to start looking in. The perfect sized tunic, works well with nice fitting pants. Don't wear pants that are tight at the ankle, this will make you look top heavy. Wear the right sized tunic that fits your curves, and this high waist one is a great example of hugging the right curves. Make sure it flows over your hips without being too tight and bunching up, but not too loose that is just hangs there.

You will find many stores now carry the larger sized tunic and other clothes, you no longer need a "specialty store". You can head to the mall, and all size clothes in most good clothing stores.

If you are looking for a mix and match casual wardrobe, then consider the plus size tunic, as it can be dressy or casual. It can be paired with jeans or dress pants. It is a versatile piece of clothing that you should add to your wardrobe.

Don't always be trying to follow the trends out there, if your middle is a bit larger, you don't want to be wearing short shirts that end at this part. This only accentuates it. Tops and tunics, when purchased in the right size for you, will glide over these areas, thus not drawing attention to them, and yet hug just the right amount in the right spot to look fitted.

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There are a lot of great designs out there now, and especially in the curvy girl sizes. So, you are no longer limited to that rack of shapeless, no color large sized clothes that used to be at the back of the store.

Designers have really come a long way with their designs for us larger girls, and now there are just as many chic, sexy and stylish plus size clothes for all our activities as any other line of clothes.

So, get out your wallet, put on some comfortable shoes, and start trying on these new designs, you can get a couple pairs of pants. Maybe a pair of nice dress pants and a pair of comfortable casual jeans, a few plus size tunics and you will have a complete wardrobe for work and play. Add a few decorative scarves and jewelry, and you can make each outfit different. Don't just stick to dark colors either. There are so many vibrant colors and styles to choose from, that you will need a day at the mall.

Retailers are realizing that if they don't carry a plus size line (There shouldn't even be a label!) that they are losing out on at least 65% of the market! More and more retailers are also showing manikins wearing larger sizes that that size "zero". There are still specialty sized stores, but you are no longer limited to them. So, check out some of the other larger clothing stores, and see what lines they are carrying, you may be pleasantly surprised.

So, if you thought a tunic was just a baggy t-shirt, then you are mistaken! Get out there and check them out. This spring and summer lineup is looking great! The one pictured is an example of the nice designs available that comes in sizes 14 - 28. Enjoy shopping this year!