Tunics are a trendy and fashionable addition to any plus size woman's closet. These stylish tops feature an extensive array of designs and styles and have provided an in-fashion look for many years. Plus size tunics on average are longer than the everyday woman's top, often ending mid-thigh but can be as long as knee length and are known for their looser fit. With the average lengths being what they are these shirts have a broad range of fashionable outfit styles and choices.

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Different Styles of Plus Size Tunics for Women

Sweater Tunics can be found in an abundance of designs and styles including cowl necked sweater tunics, Crew neck, sweetheart cuts, long sleeves, short sleeves, patterned, drawstrings and more.

Blouse Tunics typically feature the standard blouse design which includes a button up front and can come in patterned embellishments, plain colors, chest and or shoulder ruching, pleated accents and many more other trendy options to fit nearly any personal fashion style.

Polo Tunics as with the other styles stay true to the average design of their namesakes. These fashionable tunic tops have the appearance of your basic polo styled shirt and then some. To keep up with todays fashion trends you can find these polo tunics in an array of colors, some featuring lace or patterned accents and a number of other casual, dressy and day to day looks.

Sweatshirt Tunics are merely tunics made up using sweatshirt material and can mimic the look of a regular sweatshirt or incorporate a ribbed base and more. This style of tunic is great for those casual days and casual looks.

Babydoll Tunics are amongst the most popular styles. The babydoll style often features a ruched or otherwise styled design across the bust area of the top and is followed by an open and flowy shirt bottom. These go great with leggings and can help draw the eye away from hips and thighs as desired by many curvy woman.

Tunic Lengths: Mid Thigh lengths are great for the woman who just wants to cover that little extra in the middle. This length works best with standard fit jeans, dress pants, and skirts that are short to medium length.

Knee Length Plus Size Tunics are desireable for individual fashions but work best to help slim down the appearance of those extra curves in the mid section and thigh areas. These can be paired with form fitting pants and leggings of all styles and lengths and can work with certain longer skirt styles as well.

Sleeve Lengths: Plus size tunics can be found in any sleeve style from sleeveless to full length long sleeves with everything in between.

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Pairing Up Your Plus Size Tunic - Pants, Leggings and More

Nearly any style and design you can find a tunic in will pair well with a good pair of "straight legged jeans. However, for the best and most slimming look avoid baggy jeans and instead opt for a good form fitting pair of straight legged jeans and for longer tunic styles you can even sport a pair of skinny jeans (though skinny jeans are rarely flattering on fuller frames so use wisely and get a trusted friends advice).

Leggings are another popular fashion trend for curvaceous ladies and can go together well with the right plus size tunic styles. Some tips to keep in mind is tunic length. Longer tunics will go best with more form fitting pants which make them ideal to match up with the right pair of leggings.

Skirts can also be worn with tunics of many styles and lengths. Tips: to avoid a disproportionate appearance avoid pairing skin tight skirts with loose fitting tunics as this will make you appear top heavy and the look is often not figure flattering. Instead try a standard fit skirt or cargo style skirt with a medium length tunic.

Dress pants are another great option for bringing an outfit together. Pairing up a dressier tunic style with a great pair of straight legged slacks can create a very fun yet professional look for its hourglass models.

Which Plus Size Tunics Will Give a More Slender Appearance ? Plus More Tips

The style that will best give you the appearance of being more slender will vary with each individuals actual body type but here are a few pointers that can help:

Small Waist: Even if your thin waist is countered by thicker hips using shirts that accentuate your waist can downplay the hip and thigh areas. Consider shirts that are tapered at the waist and then flare out even if only slightly. This will draw eyes to your waist and away from problematic areas. Another great option are form fitting tops that are snug but not tight. These can accentuate the waist and elongate the torso areas.

Thicker Waists: For those curvy ladies trying to hide the fact that they are thicker through the middle consider a top that is fitted at the bust or has an empire cut and then has a slight flare or straight cut design below. This draws the eyes up and away from areas you are sensitive about. If you prefer to stay away from fitted then opt for shirts that have some sort of design near the collar and or bust areas - these patterns will catch the eye therefore bringing focus away from other areas.

Sometimes it is not about just the style of top but how you wear it and what you wear with it. For a thinner look stand up straight, wear shoes that help elongate your look for a more slender appearance (this typically means something with a heel), for longer leaner look wear pants that will hang over your shoes this will give the appearance of a few extra inches and wear clothes that really fit. Donning an outfit that is two sizes to big or too small will make you appear heavier and will not do you any favors. Last but not least undergarments - make sure your under garments including panties and bras fits well and are not too loose or tight to prevent bulging.