When trying on Plus Size Wedding Dresses and gowns, go for a sleek line.

First of all, don't get all wrapped up in the size tag. Many designers are slightly different in their sizing. So, get the size part out of your head now.

Under 100 Bucks!

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this is beautiful and so affordable. You do not need to go into debt to look stunning.

Do not pull the stunt of getting a dress one size too small, with the hopes of fitting into it by your wedding day! That puts way too much pressure on you. Get one that feels good and fits NOW. If you do happen to lose some weight, you can have your larger sized dress altered to be a bit smaller, but it can be almost impossible to go the other way, to make it larger as you would have to open seams and add gussets.

Sleek Lines

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 But for your gown to look its best, you MUST start with good fitting under garments or lingerie. You can spend hundred and thousands on a beautiful wedding dress, only to have the look ruined by ill fitting lingerie. This is not the day to wear your "everyday" underwear!  Treat yourself to something nice underneath.

Go to the lingerie shop, or even the wedding dress shops will have someone to measure you properly and get a great fitting bra and panties, or a one piece body suit to give you a smoother look. This body suit or wrap are not like the ugly, heavy and unforgiving girdles of our grandma's time, but these are made with ultra modern fabrics that let you breath and gently smooth your appearance for any closer fitting garments.

It is worth it to invest in this part, or risk not looking your best in your wedding gown.

Wedding dresses have come a long way too. Gone are the days, where there were only a few styles to pick from, but here to stay are some great chic, trendy and fashionable designer plus size dresses and gowns, that are designed to fit the curves of the curvy girl, and smooth over the curves you don't like. They fit much better, and there are so many styles to choose from now.


Smooth Over Rolls and Still Be Able to Breathe!

Body Slimmers

These are not like the old days where breathing was an option to look your best.  This style of undergarment will help to smooth over those bulges under your gown.  They allow you to breathe and are soft.  If you want smooth lines under that gown, then using a body shaper or slimmer will smooth out those little bumps and rolls to give your dress the best look possible.  

You still need to get your normal size, these are not designed to make you look 3 sizes smaller, but once you do smooth out little bumps and rolls you will look and feel your best and the eyes are not attracted to those areas especially at the waist or back.

The undergarment can make all the difference in how your dress looks on that special day.

You don't have to take out a mortgage or max your credit cards to find an affordable wedding gown that fits and looks great.  As you can see in the above examples, Amazon carries a wide variety too.

Be prepared to spend a good few hours trying them on or go shopping online armed with your measurements. If you allow lots of time, shopping online can be a lot of fun, and if you shop with a reputable online store such as Amazon, returns are easy and prices are affordable.  

But get the lingerie part sorted out first, and be wearing it, when you try on your wedding dress. This is a much better indicator of what style looks its best on you. Take into consideration too, as to whether you are wearing sleeveless, halter, or whatever your style wedding dress when purchasing your lingerie. You will need a good fitting halter bra for any sleeveless dress. Don't skimp on this part, as it will enhance your natural figure and make your look great.

Make sure to be able to see all angles of your dress when you try it on. Does it skim over your hips just right? Or does it bunch up? Does it hug all the right curves and glide over the not so nice?  Does it enhance your bust line when wearing the proper bra? If it has sleeves, do they dig into your upper arm? You don't want any digging, tugging or pulling. Find a style that glides over any area that you don't want people to notice as much, and yet hugs the right curves.

You may need to try on a few, but you have so much to choose from this year, that you will be spoiled for choice! Have fun.