Plus Size Women's Coats

Learn how to choose a plus size winter coat that will accentuate your body.  Plus size coats and jackets come in many diverse styles to fit curvaceous women.  Use these tips to pick out the best  women's winter coat, raincoat, leather jacket, parka, or jacket. 

Women are not all shaped the same and different coat styles are recommended based on body type and height.   Keep these tips in mind when shopping for a plus size coat or jacket.

How to Choose a Plus Size Winter Coat

Plus Size Coats for Top Heavy Women

Single breasted coats help women who are top heavy. Since single breasted coats and jackets are not ski or snowboarding jackets they are more likely to be worn as coats to work. Many single breasted coats are wool or leather, and some are trench coats. These single breasted winter coats can either close down the middle or to one side of the body. There are also many single breasted plus size shearling jackets. Discount plus size winter coats on clearance can be purchased at over half off whether they are from Target, Old Navy, Bloomingdale's, Sear's,, Amazon, and more places. There are some excellent single breasted plus size winter coats for women by Anne Klein, Miss Sixty, Portrait Plus, Kenneth Cole, DKNY, and London Fog.

Plus Size Coats for Big Bottom Girls

Women with large bottoms will usually want a winter coat that is going to straighten the body line. Plus size A-Line winter coats suit women who have big butts or hips.  The A-line coat style is straight down from the shoulders. Although they are sometimes fitted around the shoulders,Plus Size London Fog Womens Coat for Winter the A-Line winter coats for plus size women are not fitted around the hips. This style of winter coat or spring jacket looks good and is quite popular. The Jessica London A-line style wool winter coat is a very nice 34" coat. This long wool coat also has a collar option (stand up). The Jessica London plus size wool coats are on sale at Amazon along with several other styles of plus size coats and jackets for women, girls, and juniors. 

Most plus size women's winter coats and jackets fit into one of these categories. Leather jackets and fur jackets can be A line coats. Sometimes it can be harder to think about the cut of the jeans or the coat instead of the name brand, but there are many brands who have excellent plus size clothing lines, including designer plus size clothing. Shopping winter coat styles can also enable you to find winter coats that probably wouldn't have been found otherwise. A few brands that make these A-Line coats are Jessica London, Style&Co, DKNY, Andrew Marc, very popular plus size winter coats in the A-Line style are the and Jessica London are two examples of plus size coats with the A-line style.

Plus Size Winter Jackets for Busty Women

Women with big busts sometimes have a hard time finding the perfect winter coat.  Bust size varies, but clothing manufacturers make cookie-cutter clothing in a one-size-fits-all mentality.  Big busted women should look for V neck winter coats in plus size.  The V neck style work wells for busty women and those with broad shoulders.  V neck jackets come in a variety of coat material, including leather, fur, pullover, wool, and more.  Guess makes several v neck coats. 

Women's Winter Coat Baby Carrier

The Peekaru winter coat baby carrier is also great for pregnant women. It can be worn over any coat, including ski jackets.

Plus Size Snowboarding Jackets and Ski Coats

Ski coats and snowboarding jackets need to be warm, weatherproof, comfortable, and functional.  Plus size There are many excellent brands of snowboarding jackets and coats, including Pulse, North Face, Columbia, Southpole, Sessions, or Burton.  Columbia makes great snowboarding coats for women in various sizes, like the Columbia Bugaboo Parka, a waterproof 3-in-1 coat.  Columbia's 3-in-1 winter coat is a snowboarding jacket, a light winter coat, and a poly-Womens Plus Size Snowboard Jacket by PulseCredit: Amazon.comfleece liner, all in one.  The nice thing about snowboarding coats is that the style considerations are less important than the coat's function.  Boutique ski shops carry plus size coats and ski jackets for women who want a tailored winter coat.  Pulse coats are sold at boutique ski shops for $350; Amazon sells these coats at a significant discount.  

Discount Plus Size Coats and Jackets for Women

Women should buy a coat that rocks her world.  Women having a hard time finding the right fit may want to check out Chico's, Nordstrom's, Lane Bryant, Woman Within, Boomingdale's, and Columbia.

Shop during clearance sales to get the best discounts.  End of summer and after Christmas are two times to look for discount winter coats in plus sizees.  Coats go on sale at the end of the calendar year which means plenty of cold days left before it is time to shop for spring jackets.  Plus size coats and jackets are sometimes over 50% off and as high as 75% discounts when the store is really trying to get items out for the new season. Saving money on plus size winter coats is always a good idea.

Hooded and Reversible Plus Size Women's Coat for Winter

Roamans Long Hooded Plus Size Coat for Women