When old man winter starts blowing again, we all need a warm winter jacket. But if you are a plus size girl, you need to find one that hugs all the right curves without looking bulky and smooths over the rest of your body. Finding a larger sized coat that is fashionable, chic and trendy but fits well and makes you look and feel good is important. You also need to make sure you try on the right size. Try and keep that size tag number out of your head, as different designs will be sized differently. Make sure the coat moves with you especially if you are active outdoors.


Madden Girl Women's Plus-Size Parka with Hood
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(price as of Sep 23, 2016)

You will actually look bigger if you wear a jacket that is too small, you need movement, as you need to wear it over your daytime clothes and maybe that extra sweater. Don't let that size tag number bother you.

The trend this year is for lots of faux fur, but you don't want to much on a larger winter jacket, just enough to add some texture. Also stay away from the coats that look like someone blew them up with air, they make you look larger and almost like a spare tire. These are going to make you look bigger.

This year the designers of the cold weather jackets are using modern materials that will give you the warmth you need without the bulk. This goes for any size jacket now.

You have to decide whether you need one for dressier clothes and night out, or whether you want one for that ski trip on the weekend. You may have to get two! No worries, there are many to choose from now.

If you hated shopping in the past for coats and jackets, simply because they didn't fit right and didn't make you feel right, then you are in for a surprise now. Designers have come up with some pretty cool and fashionable jackets for winter in the larger sized range, that you are going to love. They are still very stylish and designed to fit you in all the right places.  No more heading to that rack at the back of the store.

With over 65% of North American women considered plus size, (size 14 and up) then it was about time that they started designing chic fashions in this size range. Be ready, you are going to be trying on a lot of different styles, and depending where you live, you could be wearing this winter jacket for a good few months, so you want one that fits nice and that you like.

If you prefer to shop online there are a few good places that you can start for winter jackets.

Amazon.   This online store is great for younger and sexier larger sized fashions, and especially have a good line of outer wear such as winter jackets and ski pants and more.  It is a popular site and often offers free shipping.  Three examples displayed above.

Whether you shop in person and walk the mall with your friends, or you head to your computer to go winter jacket surfing. You are bound to find what you want. Just be ready to give your credit card a workout

No need to hide in the background this year. No baggy guy/girl winter jackets for you this year. You will find the winter jacket this year, to stay warm, and look great.