Customers of Lane Bryant and Casual Male XL understand that having a large frame doesn't have no mean having a small style. There are many outfit combinations that work to make a large frame body look elegant and fashion forward. The trick exists in understanding your shape and knowing what shapes compliment you the best. Once you know this, nothing is out of the question, even short skirts! Here is a breakdown of 5 ways to rock your plus sized frame and turn heads.

1. Empire Waist Cut Shirt

These are characterized by a shirt that has a bad fitting snug just below your bust, and then a fuller bottom skirt. Often these shirts are V neck cut. This works for you for two major reasons. The first is obvious in that a full bottom portion of shirt provides a little wiggle room to hide a little belly, while the fitted and structured top section still allows for an elegant silhouette. The second is that a V neck line in itself is slimming. It creates an eliminating line along a part of your body that is easy to show off.

2. Stripes

Forget what your mamma told you about stripes and plus sized bodies not matching. Yes, you'll have to pay attention to a few rules, but you certainly can wear stripes. The main rule is to look at a stripe that moves in a diagonal line as opposed to a horizontal or even vertical one. Look for patterns that create a "V" on the front of you. This creates a slimming line drawing attention down your body and not getting stuck at the mid section.

3. Ultra Pointy Shoes

You can play with heel height to find a comfort zone, but wearing a pointed heel will add length and structure to your legs, making them look more lean.

4. Skirts

The trick here is finding the right length and the right shoe. You'll want to make sure you're in some sort of heel so that your calf muscle stays tight and tone. Try a skirt that hits just at the knee or a bit below. A thin straight skirt will work better than a loose style. Always remember to think about shape and structure. If the item looks frumpy on the hanger, it will likely look frumpy on your body.

5. The Right Fit

This is perhaps the best rule to remember when you're plus sized and clothing shopping. Don't get hung up on fitting into a certain size. Buy the item that is most comfortable and fits your body properly. People on the street won't know if you went up a size, but they'll certainly notice if your clothes are too tight. And it won't be the size label they'll be commenting on.

Understanding these style rules can help you really pull off a plus sized frame.