A plush finger puppet is a finger puppet that is stuffed with padding to make it appear larger, fatter and more life-like. Plush finger puppets are slightly larger than non-plush puppets due to their girth and additional pieces. Use a non-plush center as the body of the puppet that will go over your fingers and stuff the rest of the accessories and body parts with stuffing to give them a 3D appearance. You can sew the puppets together, but the project will go much faster if you use hot glue. Children can use craft glue, but should also use clothespins to hold the pieces of felt together until it dries.




Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Polyester stuffing

Google eyes


Craft glue

Permanent markers

Clothespins (optional)


Cut two 2-by-3-inch oval shapes for the body of each finger puppet from felt. Glue the two long sides and one short side together with hot glue to create the tube-like shape of the puppet's body.  The body shape does not have to be oval, however. You can make the body round, rectangular, figure eight shaped, or any other shape. Just make sure the body is long enough to slip over a finger.


Add arms, a head and legs to the puppet. Cut out two of each piece from felt, and glue the top and side of the pieces together, leaving the bottom open. For example, for the arms you would glue the hands together and the long sides of the arm together, leaving the shoulder joint open. Stuff the object with polyester stuffing. Glue the bottom of the pieces closed after stuffing. Glue the arms, legs, ears and head to the body of the puppet.


Cut out other accessories from felt such as eyes, snouts, mouths, clothing, antenna or any other addition that your puppet needs. You can also use plastic google eyes. Cut small pieces of yarn for hair. Draw on other details onto the puppets using permanent markers. Glue the accessories to the puppet with hot glue. Allow the glue to dry for two hours before using the puppets.



Tips and Inspiration Ideas

You can make many, many variations of puppet with these instructions. Try making pirate puppets, animal puppets, fantasy puppets, spooky puppets, Christmas puppets, Thanksgiving puppets, Valentine’s puppets, insect puppets, monkeys, bears, movies characters, monsters or anything else you can think of. Use your imagination when crafting the puppets for hours of fun both making and playing with the puppets. Finger puppets also make great educational tools and gifts.