Are you looking to understand plyometrics and the way to use plyometrics training technology to enhance your vertical leap and your speed. Most of the people are doing plyometrics wrong. Why? Because they do not understand the right way to perform it?

First, it's hard to comprehend. If you do research, you are going to run into a large amount of fluff and plenty of difficult-to-understand jargon. It is going to be hard to completely comprehend how to properly perform plyometric training. To top it off, research is still being conducted to grasp the effects of plyometric workouts. Besides all of that, I do not understand why 97% of individuals out there are doing them wrong.

Plyometrics Workouts

One thing you can totally be sure about: plyometrics will drastically boost your explosive power, your vertical leap, and your speed. Another thing is that research has demonstrated that plyometrics mixed with training with weights produces the highest results. So either system isolated-plyometrics or resistance training is not going to be close to as useful as they're going to be combined. So, plyometrics done wrong won't produce good results. However, combined, this thorough training is the absolute best workout that can produce results.

The idea here is to have a clear understanding of ways to enhance your vertical leap training. By now, you may have noticed that when your thighs and calves extend and your skeletal system extends, this is when you are able to explode into the air. This is what makes you jump. Also, this is what you want to learn about your bones and muscles. Your muscles aren't rubber bands, however, they do have elastic qualities. Your muscles can momentarily store elasticity and your bones are like levers. So just visualize this rubber band effect when you explode upwards into the air.

It's time to discuss muscle loading and exploding. The muscles are loaded when the toes are pointed up and the calves and thigh muscles are lengthened and stretched. This forms an elastic tension. When the calves are shortened, the anterior tibialis is going to stretch and vice versa. You explode when these muscles contract or shorten and the toes are pointed down. The elastic quality of your muscles are used and there is a snap back. This is the load-and-explode process that doesn't just happen in the calves and feet, but happens all over the body. This load-and-explode method is the correct way to perform plyometrics training in order to maximize the effect. So get started on your workouts to jump higher today and be consistent.