If you've just bought your first pocket bike or are thinking of doing a major upgrade you may be interested in customizing it so that it doesn't look the same as the bikes of all your friends. Luckily it is relatively easy to customize a pocket bike so you can have a bike that stands out from the crowd and one you can be proud to show off. You may also want to upgrade your bike to increase the perfomance, especially if you intend to take part in racing. Accessories and parts are widely available both online and in your local chop shop or pocket bike dealer.

Your ordinary pocket bike can be transformed into a custom designed pocket rocket! If you're at a loss as to where to find the parts you need, go to a mini bike forum that have begun to be common on the net. In these online communities there are fellow pocket bike riders who will show you not only where to find the best bargains as well as the the places which do not offer good bargains!

You should also check out local pocket bike dealers. It used to be that dealers didn't stock parts for pocket bikes, but since custom pocket bikes have gained in popularity has exploded in the past few years, many of dealers have begun to stock parts and accessories to keep up with the craze. Together with specific parts, a lot of pocket bike chop shops have in stock performance-enhancing kits, which also include excellent instructions. For those new to customizing pocket bikes, these will be very useful.

Some Parts to Upgrade

Fairings are parts that aren't really necessary, but do make your bike look really good! The fairings are plastic covers for your bike's frame, and transform it into a sleek 'super bike'. There is not much you can do with them, but you can paint them or put on any design you want and that is always pretty fun to do.

Your tires can make a huge difference when racing consequently this is definitely one of the major pocket bike parts that you should think about upgrading. The majority pocket bikes are purchased with fairly crappy, generic tires as a result an upgrading them is important.


Your pocket bike doesn't have to be the same as everyone else's. Just ensure your pocket bike appears as snazzy as it runs. On the internet or at a chop shop you'll be able to find lots of accessories to choose from to customize and make your pocket bike unique. This may include chrome wheels, trunks, headlights, horns, saddlebags and saddles, tanks and tank pouches, accessory designs, decal kits, etc. If you've seen customized pocket bikes, you'll know what a difference this can make!