Pocket Toilet the Trendy Way to Urinate?

How many times have you felt the need to go to the toilet and there is none around. If you are male you will probably want to find the nearest tree. Some women have been known to visit the nearest tree as well. However, with all the deforestation going on you will find it hard to find a tree in some parts of the town. That is why someone came up with the idea of a pocket toilet. You might be wondering what a pocket toilet is and how it can help in the time of need. Pocket toilet is a little invention in which you can urinate and it will turn your urine into gel. How cool can that be?

Yes the pocket toilet is a trendy way to urinate in that you can have to water the tree or use filthy public toilets. That being said, is the pocket toilet really worth the price tag? If you are interested in the pocket toilet, you should be ready to pay at least $6.35 for your pocket toilet. That is not a cheaper solution when compared to paying a few cents to use the public toilets. However, there are times when you really need to go and there is nothing else you can do but to wet yourself. That is when a product like the pocket toilet will come in handy.

Should you buy the pocket toilet?

If you frequently go to festivals and you like to have a few drinks when you are there, the pocket toilet might come in handy. If you also travel long distances and you often need to stop and take a lick, the pocket toilet will be a good investment. The main issue with the pocket toilet is the price.

Are there alternatives to the pocket toilet?

What if you cannot afford to buy the pocket toilet, you can buy pampers or napkins. That is not the trendiest but mothers have being using those for centuries. If mothers and nursing homes where to use the pocket toilets on a daily basis that will bring in a very expensive monthly bill. The pocket toilet is an interesting idea but it is not for everyone. If you are not ashamed and will not get arrested for urinating in public, you might want to give the pocket toilet a miss and let nature have its way with you.