Mind food - bon appetit!

Over the past five years or so I have become an immense fan of podcasts.


And, there are a mountain of them to choose from on the net.

The professional, the zany, the witty and the niche.

The choice is limitless.


Podcasts - the advantages

You have content specific to your needs and interests, when you want it, where you want it

and how you want it.

When you want it - there it is, in your ears, instantaneously.

Where you want it - health and safety considerations apply here ( how could I forget?), but when I am out walking in the countryside for me it is simply perfect.

How you want it - in short bursts. Why not put it down and pick it up again later? Ideal for the time-pressed or those who have a short attention span. I prefer to take longer bursts - this coincides with my walking - in an hour I can achieve my aim of about 10,000 steps covering say four miles. Excellent exercise for the mind and the body.

So, what are the staple podcasts which I listen to regularly?

The following podcasts  are written from a UK bias. American or other readers may well find something of interest.

They can be split into different varieties - business, news, internet business and music.

Podcast icon


As an investor and a teacherpreneur, I am interested in the financial markets. The Economist has authoritative and entertaining coverage. 

The downloadable podcasts onthe Economist website are free.

The Motley Fool (both UK and American versions) are entertaining, informative and timely. As the UK version says in its intro - "to educate, amuse, and enrich". This it does - in spades. Both the UK and American versions of the organisation are well worth a visit.


The BBC is in a league of its own. Subsidised by the UK tax payer, yet managing to stay outside of government influence (although there are the odd "tiffs" between the respective parties).

Go the BBC website for its many links and podcasts.

As a teacherpreneur, mentioned above, I am also interested in Spanish  language podcasts.

I really like "news in slow Spanish". It really does what it says on the tin (as a well-known British advert says). Go to the website - excellent!

Internet Business

I am interested in building an online business on the net. The following podcasts I have found to be inspirational, practical and down to earth without too much hype.

internetbusinessmastery is very good . It is rammed full of good advice and motivational material.

Smartpassiveincome is another very good site. Well presented in a straight forward and informative manner. Well worth a listen. It has been my inspirational companion down the highways and byways of England. An excellent platter of good mind food!

Internet marketing on "sitevisibility" is the third in a trio of websites. English

humour, delightfully put together. Full of relevant and timely information.


Back to the BBC - Desert Island Discs is an absolute gem. Personalities and people who have been in the news discuss their 6 favourite discs. First class entertainment.

Well, there they are. My top 8 podcasts.

An eclectic and personal list. But that is the beauty of the net and podcasts. What you want, when and how you want it. 

Podcasts - the disadvantages

To be frank, I cannot see any! Oops - nearly forgot, health and safety. Do not have the podcasts too loud!

Happy listening!