The process of getting information delivered to the virtual world is always evolving. A decade ago, all we had to use were email and MIRC. Now, other media have taken a more important place, including instant messenger clients, streaming video and audio, VoIP, and video chats.

All of these have become more efficient and easier to use as time goes on. Podcasting is the newest method of delivering content. It's getting more and more popular, and for good reason.

Podcasting is an amalgam of two other words: "iPod," and "boradcasting." The iPod is Apple's most popular product to date, and has been said to be what save that company from bankruptcy.

There are over seventeem million people in the world who own iPods or iPod products. These portable devices permit people to play mp3 files, no matter where they might be.

Ipod users mostly choose to download their music, since it's more convenient. However, this device can handle a lot more than just music.

Other kinds of content have been invented to take advantage of the many options that the iPod offers. Podcasts allow people to create audio shows in a downloadable mp3 format. However, these aren't just made up of music.

There are also audio tutorials, commentary, interviews, promotional materials and similar things. Some podcasts even incorporate video. There's no end to what you can do with podcasts except your imagination. So, how do you create your own podcast?

That's what Podcasting 101 is here to teach you. Podcasts are basically just words captured as an mp3. All you'll need is a good microphone and some software that can capture your voice.

It's best if it starts off as an mp3, but if you can't manage that, there are lots of converters available to change the format of your audio file. Many are available for free.

If you'd like to streamline the process of creating a podcast, there are free tools that can be found online. Some of them are hosted at .

ODEO is a service that caters to podcasters. Once you've got your microphone set up and working, you'll be able to use the tools as this website to create professional quality podcasts.

So, can Podcasting 101 help you earn from your podcasts? The answer is yes. You can earn money from podcasts in a number of different ways.

* Inserting ads into your podcasts will let you earn money every time someone downloads an episode. Try using to include the ads in your audio files.

* Charging a subscription fee for your podcast can also bring you income. A user must pay to download the episode that's been prepared for them.

*Promoting affiliate links through podcasts. Affiliate marketing is different from podcasting, so there's not room to explaining it entirely.

However, it has the possibility to help you earn money through podcasting. Podcasts make efficient tools for those using affiliate marketing strategies.

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