Being ProductiveCredit: Photo by maselkoo99 via Getty Images / CC by 2.0

There is a quote that “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”, and I believe this is true.  As human beings, it is natural that we mimic our behaviours or thoughts around the people we see the most..  

This can be a bad thing if you think about it.  If you consider that there are more than 7 billion people in this world, and our views and perspectives are only reflective of just 5 people, this really makes a lot of us “narrow minded”.  

To expand our view of the world I recommend listening to productivity and self help podcasts. These podcasts gives me a perspective that I haven’t considered before and on top of that, it also gives me strategies on how to be more productive in life.

I started listening to it about two years ago and I came across the podcasts by accident.  At the time, I was trying to find ways to advance further in my career.  I thought listening to podcasts will give me an edge, and it did.  

I started off with this one podcast but grew bored of it because the content became too repetitious.  

After two years of listening to podcasts and moving from one to another, I found three that are definitely worth listening to.  If you are someone that is looking to “level up” in life or just become better versions of your current selves, then the following is definitely worth a listen:

Art of Charm with Jordan Harbinger
“Where the Ordinary You Becomes An Extraordinary Person of Value”

The face of Art of Charm is Jordan.  He first started out as a lawyer and realizing that it is not about working harder but working smarter, he embarked on an adventure abroad, and has been kidnapped twice.  

The podcast is geared towards men and in helping men in all aspects of their lives.  Whether it is communication, dating, working, or facing an obstacle in life, their is always an answer to everything.  Although the podcasts are geared towards men, they do have some advice that applies to women as well.  They have stated before on their podcasts that they are not trying to discriminate between the genders, rather, they teach based on personal experiences.  

There are more than 400 episodes in their podcast so far and they release a new one every 3 days.  If the podcasts are not enough, they also run an in-person training program too.  

I enjoy the Art of Charm podcasts because he tries to interview experts, gurus, or successful people from all walks of life.  There was one interview he did with a university professor to learn more about how the brain works.  He would then switch gears and focus on an individual and on how he pulled himself through adversity.  Jordan is the one that always interview the guests in the podcasts and his style of interviewing is very candid and informal.  

About every segment or so in the interviews, the episode would cut and break into a sales pitch from one of their many sponsors or their products.  Now, this isn’t a terrible thing because a lot of these products are tested and used by Jordan and their team.  I still think it is worth listening to and there is a huge wealth of content I believe should not be overlooked.  

Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn
“Let’s see what works”

Pat Flynn is the mastermind behind the Smart Passive Income podcast.  A career ago, his aspirations was to become a successful architect.  But when he was told he would be laid off he decided to find alternate ways to make money online.  He first started with a website that helped people pass the LEED exam, from that first success he went on and started the Smart Passive Income website.  

The Smart Passive Income is more geared towards an audience looking to become online entrepreneurs.  Similar to the Art of Charm and The Tim Ferriss Show, his podcasts are interviews with experts and gurus in their respective fields.  But what makes Pat Flynn stand out is that he really understands where the audience is coming from.  So, he caters his content and the interview questions towards people who are into online entrepreneurship.

Even if you are not looking to start a business, this is still worth listening to because it does have valuable content and stories from people who escaped the 9 to 5 jobs.  

The Tim Ferriss Show
“Don’t try this at home.  Let him try it first”

Tim Ferriss has probably accomplished more in his life so far than most people have accomplished in a lifetime - and I am serious.  He has been listed as one of Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Business People” and Forbes MAgazine’s “Name You Need to Know”.  He has written three books already about being efficient in different aspects of your life:

  • 4-Hour Workweek

  • 4-Hour Body

  • 4-Hour Chef

His claim to fame is he likes to use himself as a test study to find out what works and what doesn’t.  

Because of Tim Ferriss’s popularity, he has attracted some interesting individuals to his podcast.  There was Arnold Schwarzenegger in one episode and Scott Adams (the man behind the Dilbert comics).  If the podcast isn’t enough, he also has a TV show titled “Tim Ferriss Experiment”.  

It was only recently that Tim Ferriss started podcasting, so he doesn’t have the more than 100 episodes like the other two podcasts above.  However, he pretty much has his hands in so many areas of business that it isn’t surprising.  

His podcasts can be long.  There was one episode where it was more than 2 hours but the content is definitely valuable.  Compared to the other podcasts above, I listen to Tim Ferriss the least.  When I do listen to him however, I do find his stories interesting and entertaining.

So there you have it.  Three podcasts that I believe can help you in all aspects of your life.