I am so happy to be alive in this era. You know why... because I love to tell people stuff. It doesn't even have to be coherent...just stuff. I've come to notice that I'm not alone. In fact, I think the motto of this era should be "LISTEN TO ME!"

From the transient disseminating his knowledge of "domino's" on the street corner, to the former CEO screeching about ROI during their most recent MLM recruitment scheme; everybody seems to have a kernel or two of knowledge they're going to give you, like it or not.

Although we all have different agendas when it comes to expressing ourselves via the print medium. Today, fortunately for me, and most likely you; we live in an age where we have the latitude to spew ungodly amounts of syllabic psychobabble at thousands of people, with just the drop of a switch on the coffee maker. So, guilty as charged, far be it from me to dissuade anyone.

However, when it comes to actually making the decision to publish your thoughts in a "perfect bound" tome. It might be wise to consider all of the blood, sweat, tears, and cash involved.

Case in point: As you toss the last shovel of dirt on your most recent addition to your growing, backyard pet cemetery. It suddenly occurs to you that a posthumous dedication to your pet Iguana is just what the doctor ordered, and "screw everybody- this is JUST the catharsis I've been looking for". Hold on a second. There are two saying's that precede most recounts of tragic events. "We had a few beers..." and "It seemed like a good idea at the time to...". So, before you convert that word.doc to a PDF, ponder for a moment whether the world really wants to read "The (Fully Illustrated) Life and Times of Scale Face".

The POD maze of providers does not have an exit. I've learned that there are pitfalls integrated into all of POD protocols. I'm not going to outline them all. The logic behind this, is that it would take all of the fun out of that corkscrewing learning curve. After all, misery loves company. I'm just kidding...I truly do not have the time for that. I will however, cite a few things to poke your periscope at.

For instance: You might spend countless hours and more than a few dollars perfecting the layout in PDF form, only to have some rocket scientist, tell you they want it in Word. To this one might say, "Oh well, there are many other ways to reach my goals"...and you might or might not be WRONG! Another issue is time frame alignment- yours and the POD people. Take the date you foresee having your book finished and add a year...honest. Multiple ISBN's, POD provider feuds, dozens of rounds of corrections, double listing on one site, graphics jambalaya- are just a few of the joy's we all encounter while wading through the mire of what was formerly called "vanity" publishing. But, I am so glad to be alive - "LISTEN TO ME!"