You've done your research and found the best pet for your family. He is now arriving home and teaching begins. However did you train your loved ones? Does your household know just how to function with the pet? In many scenarios where a pet is not learning rapidly, it is not because the dog is dumb but simply because he is receiving mixed information.

It is crucial that all members in your home learn how to deal with a new Puppy. This is especially true if there are small children in the house.

Before the dog gets home make sure that your children are well aware of how to properly approach and handle the dog. You want to make certain that the Puppy and children are going to be safe. They have to understand how they can play together without either one of them getting an injury.

Demonstrate to your children the best way to pick-up  a Puppy appropriately and how to pet him lightly. You can use a stuffed toy to help. Explain to the children, that tail tugging and ear tugging hurt the animal and he will get mad and upset.

Kids must realize when they are able to spend playtime with the Puppy. Young puppies are new borns, they require plenty of rest. Young puppies really need a place that is their own sleeping area. Children need to learn where this area is and to leave the dog alone when he is in his bed or is resting. They also need to understand and respect the spot where a puppy eats.

Make an effort to show your children the appropriate commands to use with the dog. This is critical. Numerous families do not bother to make sure that the Kids know how to correctly interact with the pet. If you would like both the Puppy and the youngsters to learn it is necessary that they learn how to communicate to each other. This will not only help the canine to learn sooner but can eliminate confusion.

It is far better to make the effort to show your children the best way to do these things before the puppy come home rather than waiting until the Puppy is home and try to do a learn as you go strategy. This is simply not very efficient because the children and the puppy are going to be too excited to pay attention or learn.