With all the cooking we do in out kitchens, we often don't think about much other than the end result - the delicious food that we'll have prepared when finished. Okay - and maybe the dirty dishes we have to deal with when we're done. We hardly think about the adverse effects that the smoke and steam can have on us and our kitchen.

That's why range hoods are so great for whisking away all that smoke and steam that our wonderful cooking causes in our kitchen. With the amount of time we might spend preparing a meal for our friends and family – installing a range hood is a great idea. Wall-mounted hoods are great for our stove and oven if it's flush against one kitchen wall. For kitchens with a stove island, island range hoods are a great option and also look incredibly stylish, especially the stainless steel units.

These modern cooking hoods come with great controls and timers for the ultimate convenience. The vents can be installed in many ways with various configurations - wall-mounted units, downdraft configurations, range hoods, cook top hoods and recirculating systems. All have their own benefits and disadvantages, but mainly stay away from the design that recirculates the air - you aren't really achieving any benefit since the smoke, steam and other particles aren't actually being ventilated out of the kitchen.

When installing the hood – you'll want to get the ducts and vents installed properly. As a general rule, the shorter the ducts are the better. Also make sure that the fan system is a good quality and that you have a great warranty with it. You also want to pay attention to how much noise the hood generates. I remember noticing at my parents house how noisy there hood was. And while I was grateful for it's ability to pickup the smoke and particles, my ears weren't too keen on all the noise. Manufacturers have come up with designs that are less noisy, and of course you'll pay more – but it should be well worth it. Another thing to consider is the grade of the filters that come with your range hood system. You'll want filters that are easy to clean up or change if that time comes.

So as you can see, there are quite a few things to consider before installing a kitchen island range hood. Always doing your research and then weighing out your options will benefit you in making the right buying decision.