Due to today’s recent economical climate, it has never been harder to sell your home. With many looking for quick and cheap sales, many homeowners are finding that they are faced with losing a considerable amount of profit, or may even witness their home being left on the market for months. It is an obvious and common fact that every homeowners desires to sell their home as quick as possible and for the price that it deserves but often believe that this stems down to luck. However, this is not the case. By carefully planning changes within your home, you can help to make it more attractive to buyers and make it an attractive investment to realtors.

When it comes to viewing a home, we want to be able to visualize ourselves living in the property. If we are unable to do so, we will be less enthralled to purchase the home. Often, a buyer will be put off by a property if they are faced with an abundance of the seller’s items which make it difficult to see the home as anything other than the sellers. As the seller, you must stop viewing the house as your home, but instead see it as a product you are looking to sell and so where possible, you must ‘remove’ yourself from the home. This means removing any overly personal items from all rooms such as family photographs and children’s toys that may be scattered throughout. Where possible, hang up prints or modern canvasses in place of family photographs to give each room a more ‘show house’ look and pack all personal items into storage.

Clutter can also be incredibly unattractive to a buyer’s eye, so it is essential to remove all junk or unwanted items from the home. When we move home we will often see this as an ideal to spring clean and there is no greater time to start this than when your house is put on the market. Any items you no longer need or want can be either thrown away or given to a good cause. Ensure that counters and tables are free from knick knacks and sporadically used items.

Realistically, try to only keep every day items that you need on display and place any additional items into a box or bag that can be easily stored in a cupboard out of sight. Alongside this, it is also beneficial to rearrange all bedroom wardrobes and kitchen cupboards as often, a buyer will want to view ALL areas of the home. Ensure that items are neatly stored within cupboards to eliminate items falling out if opened. Where applicable, purchase cheap jars and tins which can store dry items such as teabags, coffee and pasta which help with the aesthetics of the kitchen. Box or line up shoes within the wardrobe and hang up clothes neatly.

It is possible whilst clearing your home that you will accumulate a number of goods which although you may want to keep, you do not require until you move into your new residence. It is beneficial to hire a storage unit for furniture, accessories or clothes that are not required until the next season. Items such as books and ornaments which have been removed for aesthetic reasons can also be stored away ready for your move. In short, you should aim to only leave out enough furniture and items to fill each room and emphasize a room’s best feature/s. It is also important to remove large fixtures from rooms that are not included within the sale. Large light fittings which may attract buyers need to be removed as a buyer may come to the conclusion that these amenities will be includes in the sale. If a buyer cannot see these items, they will not want them, allowing for an easier sale. Coveted items can often cause issues when it comes to crunch time which could result in you losing personal items or losing a sale altogether.

Finally, you need to ensure that the home is ready for inspection-both in terms of cleanliness and appearance. All major and minor repairs on flooring and walls should be repaired before you allow any viewings. In addition, doors or cupboards that are difficult to open or have loose hinges must also be fixed, along with any burnt out or missing bulbs within light fittings. No stone should be left unturned meaning the patch of peeling paint you intended to fix months ago should not be the reason why a buyer has rejected your home as a purchase. Every room should be cleaned from top to bottom, including around windows, skirting boards and on all pieces of furniture. By cleaning your entire home thoroughly, this will make it easier for viewings when you will only require doing a light dust and vacuuming and tidying of items.

With many looking to purchase a new home, many sellers may overlook the need for them to sell your home, often coming to the conclusion that it will sell itself. However, without applying some effort in terms of making your home sale ready, you could not only lose out on a number of potential buyers but may find your home is left on the market for a longer period than intended.