Christian Dior Poison Fragrance Range

The Dior perfume range for women boasts many different fragrances and some of the most popular (and also one of my favorites) are the Poison perfumes. There are five perfumes in the poison range, the original "poison for women", "pure", "hypnotic", "Tendre" and "Midnight".

First created in the eighties, poison was to be the first fragrance that would create a unique blend of fragrances that were both seductive and sensual. The aim of this particular perfume range was to make a ladies perfume that was not only attractive but mysterious and spell binding. Poison perfume has since become a huge success for designer Christian Dior and has become one of the most popular perfume ranges by any designer.

As a fan of fragrances in general, Dior has always been top of my list. Their scents are so unique when compared to other designer brands as they are powerful and make a real statement. 

Below we will look at the five different scents and try and discover exactly what it is that makes these perfumes so appealing.

Pure Poison Perfume by Dior

While Pure Poison perfume for women is not the first fragrance released in this range I have put it first because it is by far my favorite perfume by Dior.  Described as captivating, sincere and mysterious this ladies perfume is one of the most appealing perfumes I have ever owned.  An appealing blend of sandalwood, amber, jasmine and gardenia make this a really irresistible scent that I fell in love with instantly, not something that happens often as I am quite particular about the perfumes I choose to wear.

Pure is definitely not an everyday perfume, it is far too seductive for office wear and really is made for special occasions, anniversaries and candlelit dinners.  Pure poison makes an excellent gift for that special woman in your life.

This is a great special occasion scent that is ideal for weddings, anniversaries and as an all round "feel good" fragrance.

Christian Dior Pure Poison Eau de Parfum Spray, 3.4 Ounce
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(price as of Sep 5, 2016)
A wonderful scent that is sure to appeal to any woman who wants something extra special to wear for any important occasion.

Hypnotic By Dior

Hypnotic by Dior is dubbed the most mysterious of the poison ladies perfume range.  It is a Hypnoticwonderful blend of jasmine, jacarandra and vanilla that is described as the magical forbidden fruit of perfumes.  This really is an intoxicating scent, described as bewitching and sensuous hypnotic poison certainly lives up to its name.  One of the common factors that I have found with all of the poison perfumes by Dior is that they are incredibly feminine and appealing and will make any woman feel amazing.  Purely created to be appealing and sensual the poison range is made not only to allure but to empower and will make any woman feel like a million dollars. Hypnotic poison by Dior is a bolder scent than pure poison that is both compelling and extravagant.

This particular scent is vibrant and not for anyone who wants to blend in, this is a party girl fragrance for anyone who loves the limelight!

Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior for Women 3.4 oz Eau de Toilette Spray
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(price as of Sep 5, 2016)

Dior Midnight

Midnight poison is the fifth fragrance in the Dior poison perfume range for women and was released in 2007.  With notes of mandarin, orange, french vanilla and patchouli it starts out quite intensely but mellows out to a quite dry scent that is slightly sweet and only a touch floral.  Its a young fresh scent that would appeal to younger women and is ideal for evening wear.

Poison Perfume for Women

Poison perfume was first released in 1985 and is an iconic fragrance for the Dior fashion house. Poison blends sandlewood, vanilla, musk, rose and jasmine among others to create what became and still is one of the most appealing ladies perfumes in the world. A modern and youthful perfume that was designed to combine femininity and sensuality with just a touch of mystery. Poison for women is a bestseller and turned the Dior perfume range into what it is today.

My favorite of all the fragrances in the range, this one is great for anytime of the day or night.

Christian Dior Poison Eau De Toilette Spray for Women, 3.4 Ounce
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(price as of Sep 5, 2016)

Dior Tendre

Tendre Poison from Dior is a sweet floral blend of perfume with notes of sandalwood, vanilla and freesia.  Its light and fresh without being underwhelming and while you would never call it a heavy perfume it is not really a daytime fragrance although none of the poison perfumes are truly suited for day wear being slightly too obvious and much more suited to evenings and special occasions.

This is one of the most sought after scents in the range and is popular with women of all ages. The lightness may still be a bit too strong for day time but would certainly be ideal for daytime events such as weddings.

TENDRE POISON Perfume. EAU DE TOILETTE SPRAY 1.0 oz / 30 ml By Christian Dior - Womens
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(price as of Sep 5, 2016)
A fantastic scent that is perfect for romantic encounters and first dates!

Christian Dior Poison Perfume Designer

Christian Dior was born in France in 1905 and his fashion house was launched in 1946, his assistant at the time was Yves Saint Laurent, who took over as head designer after Christians death eleven years later.  Dior fragrances are now part of the Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy empire.