If the words Pokemon and Pikachu are spoken with great love in your household, you may have a major Pokemon super-fan on your hands! And any super-fan would love a Pokemon theme party, whether it be for a special occasion, as a Halloween event, or as a birthday party. If you're ready to pull one together, you're going to need just the right Pokemon party supplies, and this post can help you. Here you'll see a checklist of your biggest needs, plus get a few Pokemon party ideas to get your imagination going.

A Pokemon Theme Party: Collecting Fun For The Kids

Pokemon Pikachu 3D Licensed Pull PiñataPokemon is one of the most popular video game franchises in the world, and amazingly that's only the tip of the iceberg! A Japanese word smash-up meaning "little monsters", Pokemon and its world are all about collecting and training these monsters (like the famous Pikachu) to do battle with other trainers (called Pokemon Masters). The concept has taken the franchise from the video game console to a very popular television anime series and some very engaging collectible trading card games.

Needless to say, kids who love Pokemon, really love Pokemon. It's an interactive franchise, which makes it just perfect for a children's theme party. A Pokemon party is a blast for all the child guests and can actually be a lot of fun to pull together.

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Pokemon Party Supplies: Your Checklist Of Essentials

To get the party right, you're going to want the perfect party supplies, some that really color your space with the theme and others that add some of that great Pokemon interaction to the party. Below is a list of your musts - these are the items you'll want to bring home for the best theme party.

100 Assorted Pokemon Trading Cards with Bonus 6 Free Holo FoilsPokemon trading cards, and lots of them

These are the staple party favors for any Pokemon party as all the kids can trade, compare, and play their cards with each other. Stock up on as many as you can for the party. Give each child a loot bag of Pokemon cards when they arrive, and find ways to reward the kids throughout the party with additional cards! It keeps them engaged with the activities all day long.

Pokemon invitations

Any adventure into this theme has got to start with a terrific invite that gets the kids abuzz about the party. Get the invitations out at least two weeks in advance, and have some fun with them. Perhaps add in a few random Pokemon trading cards in to get them excited about what's coming up in just a few short weeks!

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Pokemon loot bags

These are the perfect bags to hold the Pokemon cards you'll be giving out and other Pokemon party favors.

Pokemon figurines

Another item that serves lots of purposes! Pokemon figurines make for excellent party favors, but that's not all. They can dress up your space, act as a table centerpiece, and even work as a Pokemon cake topper! Like the playing cards, you can never have too many figurines, so stock up.

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Pokemon paper plates, cups, and other tableware

Your food table will be a central gathering spot for the kids throughout the event, and the items on it will definitely make their way around your space. Make sure those paper plates and cups are themed just right, and give your table some Pokemon love with a themed table cover and a centerpiece. Again, those figurines work here quite well.

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Pokemon balloons

You'll want even the corners of your space to feel the theme, so you'll definitely want some Pokemon balloons to add depth to the area.

A Pokemon cake

When the big cake moment comes in the party, don't disappoint! This is your big reveal during the day, so make it really special. There are some very cool Pokemon cake toppers on the market, or you can opt for dressing up the cake yourself using those versatile figurines.

A Pokemon pinata

You'll want some interactivity beyond the card game itself, and a Pokemon pinata (pull string) makes for a good moment! Not only is it fun for the kids, it's a great photo opportunity for the parents attending. A Pikachu pinata is among the favorites here.

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Other Pokemon party favors

You've got the cards and figurines, but surprise the kids with a few other party favors. These can be inexpensive trinkets like Pokemon stickers, temporary tattoos, and plastic toys.

You'll hit the mark with these essentials; your kids will have a blast playing (and trading) cards, and they'll definitely love all the Pokemon party supplies that make the day extra special. And there are many other great Pokemon items out there, so don't be afraid to explore your options and add in your own special flair to the party. It will only enhance what is destined to be an amazing Pokemon theme party for your kids.