There are many poker books available. Most books on poker tend to be too basic or they use a system that is not feasible in real world playing conditions. When looking to expand your poker playing skills by reading a poker book you need to consider what you are looking for.

Are you looking for ways to play better poker online? Are you looking to play better poker in live tournaments? Do you play Texas Hold'Em or do you prefer 7 card stud hi/lo? Regardless of what type of poker you are interested in there are many books on Poker. Some are classics that are recommended reading by all and others are complete crap that are not worth the paper they are printed on.

Many times poker players are looking for a book to provide inspiration. Not necessarily looking for playing advice but simply want to read stories of successful poker players. If you are looking for books that provide a biographical account of p0oker players then there are many too choose from.

Many poker books contain brief accounts of actual poker stories and biographies in between there poker playing advice but to a person who truly wants to read a non-fiction book about poker players and do not want another "Poker For Dummies" style book` there a few that standout.

Super System

Multiple World Series Of Poker Champion Doyle Brunson organized the first Super System book. Doyle Brunson had a handful of world class poker players write a book about there poker specialty. Doyle then combined all of the separate books into one large book and this is the "Super System" book that has been read by every serious poker player in the world.

Although the book contains a great deal of strategy and tips for various forms of poker there is also a lot of biographical information Doyle Brunson and a lot of real world poker stories. Super System is a book that is a must read by all fans of poker.

The book Super System took the poker playing world by storm. Many of the common strategies used by even beginning poker players now days was relatively unknown when this book was first published. Even many high stakes poker players did not know all of the secrets that were revealed. Even though Super System has been updated for modern times it still contains many "poker secrets" that are now common knowledge.

A follow up book called "Super System 2" has been published and is also widely regarded by poker players and poker fans across the world. The follow up book also talks about playing poker online which did not exist when the first Super System was published. Many things have changed in the professional poker playing world since Super System was released and Super System 2 does a great job of covering them and explaining the minute nuances of playing poker today.

If you are looking for poker inspiration then the first Super Stem is a must buy.

The Godfather of Poker: The Doyle Brunson Story

If you are looking for biographical poker inspiration then Super Stem by Doyle Brunson will provide you with just enough awesome information on Doyle Brunson that it will only make you want to learn more about this poker playing king. After you have read Super System the next step is to buy this auto-biography of Doyle Brunson.

The true life story of Doyle Brunson is much more than just poker. He was a notorious gambler. He would place a bet on almost anything. Doyle Brunson lived a life where he used to deal with shady gangsters, mafia, and other low lifes. Doyle Brunson lived a life of both extreme triumphs and extreme lows. Doyle Brunson has faced death many times.

The Godfather of Poker: The Doyle Brunson Story is a true life story of how one man came from playing illegal back alley poker games to becoming a TV icon adored by poker fans of all ages worldwide.

Even if you know a lot about Doyle Brunson you will learn a lot by reading this book. Doyle Brunson manages to share his life in a way that will make you not want to put the book down. Even if you are not a fan of poker the Doyle Brunson story will manage to grab you by the throat as your eyes begin to water and then a few pages later you will be laughing your butt of.

If you are looking for biographical poker inspiration then read this book. It will show you that regardless of what you face in life you can always overcome it. Sometimes it is only by luck but in poker the winning hand often comes down to the luck of the draw as the dealer flips the "river".

Deal Me In: Twenty Of The Worlds Top Poker Players Share The Heartbreaking and Inspiring Stories of How They Turned Pro

The sub title of Deal Me In says all you need to know. If you are looking for biographical poker inspiration then Deal Me In provides you with 20 different pro poker players and there inspiring stories of how they became pro poker players.

Many hardcore poker players are forced to work at a job they hate such as factory work. They often dream of being able to pursue there passion for Poker and being a professional poker player. If you fit into this category of someone who hates there job and dreams of being a pro poker player then this is a must read book for biographic poker inspiration as you will get a wide range of biographical stories from 20 professional poker players that are beloved and envied around the world.

Mike Matusow: Check Raising The Devil

Mike Matusow story begins growing up in a trailer court. Matusow experienced mental illness and was eventually arrested for using illegal drugs for trying to self medicate his mental illness. Today Matusow is a world class poker player that is recognized by millions of people around the world. Poker fans tend to either love Matusow or hate him. Regardless of whether you like or dislike Matusow you will love his book. Matusow proves that anyone can become a professional poker player or anything else in life regardless of the skeletons in your closet.

Mike Matusow could of easily been receiving a monthly disability check from the government and living in a run down apartment or trailer court. Instead Matusow is a world famous poker player loved by millions of adoring fans. Mike Matusow is a classic case of the "If I can Do It You Can Too".

Ghosts at the Table: Riverboat Gamblers, Texas Rounders, Roadside Hucksters, and the Living Legends Who Made Poker What It Is Today

This poker book is a unique look at poker. It covers many historical poker situations as well as modern poker players. The author does a great job at dispelling common myths about various poker legends that are assumed to be fact. If you are a hardcore fan of poker literature and poker the game then you need to read this book. It is not only inspirational but dang fun too read too.

Positively Fifth Street: Murderers, Cheetahs, and Binion's World Series of Poker

This book is about an writer who was sent to cover the 2000 World Series Of Poker. Instead of being a casual observer and writing his article he took his money and bought a seat for the World Series Of Poker. The author then ran very deep into the tournament. He was able to stick around when many of the other entrants lost out of the tournament.

This book is very motivating for the poker player who dreams of playing in the World Series Of Poker.

One of a Kind: The Rise and Fall of Stuey 'The Kid' Ungar, The Worlds Greatest Poker Player

Many people became aware of Stu Ungar and his car playing skills when a movie was made about his life called "High Roller-The Stu Ungar Story".

Stu Ungar is considered to be the greatest poker player of all time. Unfortunately his life was struck short by his use of cocaine. The Stu Ungar story is one that is a must read for anyone looking for biographical poker inspiration.

Other Biographical Poker Inspiration

There are many other books and movies that can provide inspiration for the aspiring poker player. These books mentioned above are not only inspirational for poker players but people in general. Regardless of what you want in life you can follow these players and learn where they came from and what they had to overcome to get too where they are today.

By reading these books it will help emphasize that everybody that they all had a lot of stuff they had to overcome in order to make it where they are today. Any of the pro poker players in these books could easily be the guy working at our neighborhood convenience store. Instead they are world famous poker players that are doing what they love. Instead of selling Slurpee's they are playing in multi-million dollar poker games.

If you want a better life you have to work hard and overcome any obstacles that pop up regardless of what the obstacles are. By reading these books it may help give you enough inspiration to follow you dreams.