Polar Bear Plunge

Polar Bear Plunge - Raising Money for Charity

A Polar Bear Plunge is an event that's usually done as a fundraiser for a specific charity.  It involves people submerging themselves in a body of water, in the winter time, when the water is very cold.  A Polar Bear Plunge is usually held at a lake, river, or any nearby body of water.  Each member who participates in the plunge tries to raise as much money as possible for the selected charity.

Polar Bear Plunge Rules
The rules of a Polar Bear Plunge can differ based on who is hosting the plunge.  A Polar Bear Plunge in Wisconsin will probably have different rules than one that takes place in Maryland.  However, I've made a list of some general rules, where the specifics will differ from state to state.

*Polar Bear Plungers can participate as an individual or as part of a team.
*Plungers must raise a minimum amount of money to participate.  In some cases it's $50, in others it's $100, and so on.
*Plungers obviously must get in the water.  For some plunges, you have to submerge your entire body.  In New Jersey, you can go in as far as you want.  If you just want to put your feet in the water, then that's okay.
*Plungers usually have to sign some sort of waiver for safety and medical reasons.
*If you're under 18, then you need a parent or guardian's permission.
*Each Polar Bear Plunge has their own sponsors, usually local businesses.
*This event is done to raise money for charity.  Many plunges choose to raise money for the Special Olympics.

I've seen pictures from a Polar Bear Plunge, but have never participated in one myself.  What I enjoyed most was seeing people who dressed up in costumes.  There were plungers dressed up as Santa Claus, polar bears, cows, chickens, and penguins, just to name a few.  Some people get really creative for these events, which makes them even more enjoyable.

Polar Bear Plunge - Get in the Water!
There are two main ways that plungers get into the water at a Polar Bear Plunge, which is usually determined by the weather.  If the water isn't frozen, then everyone just lines up on the shore and they all run in at once.  Then you can turn around and get out as fast as you can!  

If the body of water is frozen at the top, they carve out a big section where the plungers jump in.  For safety reasons, there are professionals on site that can help plungers get out of the water.  Since the majority of these are done in colder climates, the water is going to be cold.  It's another thing when you have to carve out a block of ice just to get to the water.  At least it's for a good cause!

A Polar Bear Plunge is a great way to raise money for charities.  People enjoy getting involved; either by themselves, or as part of a team, to raise as much money as they can.  Companies usually get involved in these events as well, where employees form teams and see which team can raise the most money.  In a way, people also wear a badge of courage for participating in a Polar Bear Plunge.  Most people don't want to get into ice cold water, even if it's just for a few seconds.  

Please do some research and see if there's a Polar Bear Plunge in your area!