Let's all agree - Polar Bears are really cute. The Polar Bear in the Nissan Leaf commercial is one of the cutest. You almost want the bear to show up at your home to give you a big, warm, fuzzy hug. For those idealist of you that think polar bears are soft, cuddly and smell good, you are wrong! These animals are big, smelly and dangerous.

Nissan Floor Mats

With all that begin said, Nissan has created a memorable commercial that created buzz just like they wanted. Who couldn't love the image of a man hugging a polar bear that just swam from a melting ice flow, walked along a railroad track, then along a highway just to thank them for buying a Nissan Leaf


Nissan Leaf Polar Bear

I am sure all of the first mover environmentalists that were going to buy the first electric car regardless of its features, manufacturer or even quality, were going to line up at their local Nissan dealership to be the first in their community with a Nissan Leaf. What I am concerned about is the lack of information for the rest of us.

Once the first movers have satisfied their egos with being the most talked about environmentally consciencious person in town, what will turn on the rest of society to electric vehicles. Nissan needs to start spreading more detailed information about the Nissan Leaf. Tell us about whether we can plug these into our existing electrical sockets. How much can we save to pay for this new technology? Does it really improve the environment to use electricity produced with coal to run an electric car? Are the Nissan floor mats also enviro-friendly by being biodegradable? Where can a car get a charge when it isn't near its garage and how much will that cost? Nissan needs to help people dispel the rumors. They need to make people feel warm and fuzzy about this new type of car. Most importantly, they need to get a group of envangelists that will sell their friends on the advanatages of this type of technology.

Chevrolet also has an electric vehicle that is almost ready to introduce. Whichever of the two companies puts the most efforts to converting the populace and create demand will be the ultimate winner. These car companies need to stop selling the meaningless things like the color of the floor mats, how cute the car is or how the driver will feel like a race car driver. With more informational advertising, the electric car market can be developed quickly and with a sustained, growing market.