If you are looking for an heart rate monitor watch that has every feature that you will ever need, then look no further than the fantastic Polar F11 heart rate monitor watch. This watch is the only one in the world that will tell you exactly how hard and how long you need to exercise to reach your fitness goals. The polar F11 will provide you with highly accurate readings so that each exercise workout that you do, whilst wearing the watch will be done at its optimal rate, which will lead to increased fitness and reaching your fitness goals much quicker.

Polar F11 Heart Rate Monitor WatchOne excellent feature on the polar f11 watch is the Keep U Fit workout program which offers the user the guidance on how to get the most from their exercise sessions, so that they can reach their fitness goals as quick as possible. This wristwatch heart monitor has a large display which is easy to read and displays 12 and 24 hour time display, stopwatch and alarm. Interference is eliminated from other heart rate monitors using the wearlink coded function located on the transmitter. The heart rate signals are picked up via the transmitters electrodes, which are located in the strap which offers the user increased comfort.

You can also find out exactly what each exercise workouts energy expenditure is, with the polar F11's unique OwnCal feature. You can also set daily and weekly calorie burning goals so that you can obtain maximum results and weight loss. Also every ten minutes that you are wearing the monitor, it will display a bullet on the display, telling you that you are exercising and training in your target heart range using the Fitness Bullets function.

More features on the Polar F11 heart rate monitor watch

* Displays average heart rate, heart rate and exercise time.
* Auto and manual heart rate setting limits.
* Easy to see large display with split screen and back light.
* 30 meters water resistant.

The polar F11 comes complete with a 2 yr limited warranty, which is backed from the date of purchase. Remember that heart rate monitors are precision pieces of equipment, and it is recommended that all work be completed by a polar service center. This includes even changing the watches battery. Your warranty will cover you for 6 months on the battery and 90 days for repair at the polar service center.

The history behind Polar Heart Rate Monitors

Polar invented the very 1st wireless heart rate monitor way back in 1977 as a training aid for the cross country ski team of Finland. Training intensively in a set target heart rate exploded onto the scene in the 1980's and by the 1990's people were using heart rate monitors as a tool for achieving there everyday fitness goals. Polar is well known and well respected in the heart rate monitoring world and is the leading brand choice for most consumers.