Polar FT4 Watch

Polar are recognized for their sporting technology, particularly in the real of heart rate monitor equipment. Since the 1970s, Polar have lead the way in continual EKG accurate heart rate monitors that can be put to good use when it comes to improving and maximizing your fitness and performances. The Polar FT4 heart rate monitor watch is a modern mid range heart rate monitor that is a great watch for anyone who wants to perform basic heart rate training, and keep track of the calories they have consumed. There are very Polar FT4 male and Polar FT4 female models and the watch features a large and easy to read digital display. Here is a quick Polar FT4 review.

The Polar FT4, supports heart rate zone training, and can calculate your target heart rate zone automatically based on your maximum heart rate, or can be manually set up to override this feature. Heart rate zone training allows you to train at a specified intensity level and can be set lower if you just want to train at a low, gentle, fat burning intensity level, or higher if you want to achieve a fitness gain. The heart rate zone alarm on the Polar FT4 watch will activate if your heart rate is outside of the upper and lower limit. The display on the FT4 even shows you where your heart rate is within your current zone.

The Polar heart rate monitor FT4, features ten training files that store summary information. It is possible to review your training history totals. The Polar FT4 features the HeartTouch feature, that allows you to operate the sports watch without pressing a button. Simply bring your Polar FT4 wrist watch computer close to your chest strap to control your sports watch without the need for a button press.

The Polar FT4 watch is an affordable basic training watch that features the Polar OwnCal function that accurately measures the calories you have burned during your training runs. It is a step above the FT3c and FT2 Polar watches and if you want an EnergyPointer features that tells you whether your current intensity is effectively improving your fitness or burning calories, then the next watch up is the Polar FT7. Buying the Polar FT4 watch on the internet is one of the cheapest places to purchase this watch. It can help to read Polar FT4 reviews before you make a purchase which allows you to just the watches quality based on the stories other people have written.