When you're traveling or camping in the great outdoors, or just you want to be prepared in case of some unknown catastrophe, You need to know that water, the most important source for life, is at your disposal.  I've typically used water purification tablets when going out camping (light and small) but decided to check out what this brand had to offer.


How it works:  Iodine is used in all sorts of water purification products, so how is this one different ?  To purify your water, first pour a small amount of water into the bottle, yes the bottle itself.  Inside, the water will mix with iodine and will turn the water into a solution you then pour into your main water supply.  It takes however up to an hour, depending on the tempature, to get that solution going.  ''All you have to do is simply add water to your Polar Pure bottle--which features a particle trap to prevent the loss of iodine crystals--and you will create a saturated solution to disinfect your water.''


Durability :  Not only does this product have unlimited shelf life (all you SHTF people will bounce with joy at this) but one bottle can in fact disinfect up to two thousand quarts of water.  I can also withstand extremes in temperature and is relatively small.  Its weight is about 3 oz.

Price :  I've seen these advertised all over the place but I bought mine on amazon for 11$ but it goes all the way up to 25$ on some other websites.  At that price, most can afford a few and that should last them many years if not a lifetime.

What others are saying:  On most websites the reviews are very good, with the occasional unsatisfied customer typically unhappy with its delivery and not the product itself.  I don't always pay too close attention of reviews, but some websites have very experienced reviewers who take some of these product with them to extreme areas and they typically have my ear for that.

This is definitely one of the best chemical treatments for water available for a reasonably cheap price, however, one should know that is the water is toxic, this will not do anything for it.  So don't go camping near any nuclear reactors !


Whatever water purification method you choose, the most important thing is to actually HAVE it with you when you need it.  If the preparation method is too much of a hassle or the space it takes too much for you lightweight packers, try something else.