The Polar Wrap Exchanger mask is a "must have product" for anyone who likes to be outside and exposed to worst cold weather that winter has to offer. Whether you like to sit in the stands and watch a football game, you like to hunt for ducks or you are an ice fisherman, you really need to check out the Polar Wrap exchanger mask.

I must say, now that I have moved to Alaksa, I love my Polar wrap mask even more than I used to. Up here, staying warm is a matter of life and death. This mask wraps its patented material around your face and nose and keeps this area of your body warm like nothing else ever could!

The Polar Wrap face mask works by the use of a "Heat Exchange Module." The following text was taken from the Polar Wrap web site and explains how this module works:

"Inside every PolarWrap heat exchanger mask is a patented heat exchange module. As the user exhales, the air leaving the mouth is directed from the mouth-port through the chambers of the heat exchange module, which stores the heat and water vapor from the exhaled breath. When the user inhales, the cold environmental air travels through the chambers of the heat exchange module, picking up heat and water vapor. When the air enters the body it is warm." (

This makes sense due to the fact that all of your blood circulates through your lungs. This warm air warms the blood, which in turn warms the rest of the body.

I have friends who like to use their polar wraps while they watch football games. They are particularly popular at Lambeau Field in Green Bay Wisconsin. Green Bay Packers fans are a hearty breed, but lots of them wear these masks to be warm while they watch the Packers.

I like to wear my Polar Wrap Exchanger Mask while duck hunting. When I duck hunt, I arrive at the blind during the pre-dawn hours. Sometimes we have to break ice in order to set out our decoy spread. The cold can become unbearable as we wait for dawn to break. The first thing I do once the decoys are out is to put on my Polar Wrap. It warms me up and makes it possible for me to sit in the blind. There have been times when I had to get out of the blind to move around before I bought my first one.

I also use my Polar Wrap when I am ice fishing. It can become real cold when you are sitting on a bucket on the middle of an ice covered lake waiting for a fish to bite. The Polar Wrap exchanger mask also makes this activity more bearable.

The Polar Wrap Exchange Mask not only warms up the air you breath, but it also covers your face and ears. This helps keep you warm because most of the heat lost is lost through your head and ears. These masks really do keep your head warm.

Polar Wrap Exchanger Masks Full Head Cover masks come in black or two different kinds of camoflage. They can be purchased at many of the larger hunting retailer outlets such as Cabelas. They can also be purchased through the internet.