When selecting a Polaris ATV Parts vendor there are several things to keep in mind before choosing. These include but are not limited to: location of the vendor, expediency (do they stock the parts and how quickly can they get them to you), return policy and warranty.

  • Location of Vendor – This is important when choosing your Polaris ATV Parts vendor for a number of reasons especially when shopping online. The primary reasons for this are the fact that not all vendors may be local to your country. This can make receipt of the parts slow and possibly incur additional expenses such higher shipping costs and possibly even duties or taxes depending on where it's coming from and where it's going to.
  • Expediency – If you're not shopping local, it's good to remember that while anyone can put up a good Polaris ATV Parts store online, not all vendors actually carry or keep the parts in stock – but instead order them on demand. This can (and usually does) extend the delivery time for parts. Try to make sure the vendor you're dealing with either keeps the parts on hand or guarantee's a standard delivery time.
  • Returns Policy – It's always good consumer protection to know the Return Policy of the vendor you're dealing with. There is no standard industry Policy so what you see at one vendor may not apply to another. Make sure you understand the time frames (some vendors will only accept returns within a certain time period), packing requirements (some vendors will won't accept it back if it's not packed and/or properly protected) as well as any documentation requirements (some vendors will require you to obtain an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) BEFORE sending it back.
  • Warranty – Warranties may be provided by the manufacturer, vendor or both. It's important to know what's being offered with the Polaris ATV Parts that you're buying. Lengths of warranty and types of coverage will vary based on the part(s) you've selected. Understanding what these are up front at the time of sale will give you peace of mind knowing that you're covered.

In addition, when choosing a vendor one must also consider the type of Polaris ATV Parts they're looking for: OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts, aftermarket parts, refurbished parts or salvaged parts. This is important because not all vendors carry all the above classes of parts and you may be looking for a specific one. To better understand the part classes – read on:

  • OEM Parts – OEM Parts are manufactured by the original maker to the exact same specifications and standards as the original part. These tend to be the most expensive of the part types however, they give the greatest peace of mind that you're getting a part that is an exact match of the original in every way
  • Aftermarket Parts – These are parts that are produced by manufacturers other than the original but are designed to fit and perform as well as the original. These can be substantially cheaper than new/OEM parts and in rare cases (due to improvements) are even better.
  • Refurbished Parts – The most common piece of any part that wears out during its lifetime are parts that are subject to extreme temperature, stress or movement. A refurbished part is one where these commonly failed components are replaced while the core part that rarely if ever fails (like the housing) remains the same (original). The price of these parts are typically in the neighborhood of Aftermarket parts, sometimes less.
  • Salvaged Parts – Polaris ATVs are complex machines made of many parts. When a major component fails that is cost prohibitive to replace (like an engine) many owners will elect to dispose of their equipment. While a major component may have failed, the remaining Polaris ATV Parts may still be functional. Salvage dealers acquire these, strip off the parts that still work and re-sell them. Very little if anything is done to these parts once they're removed from the original device and are usually sold "as-is" with little or no guarantee. These tend to be the cheapest of all part classes with a few exceptions (original and/or rare parts could actually be very expensive depending on what they are).

Following these guidelines when choosing your Polaris ATV Parts vendor will ensure that you get the right part you want, in the time you want it with no hidden surprises or misunderstood expectations.