Polarized sunglasses are a must have item if you are going to be an avid fisherman. Not only do these lenses protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun, but they are also designed to eliminate up to 99% of the reflective glare from the water.

Reflective glare is caused by the sun's light "bouncing" or reflecting in horizontal waves off of the water. This will cause "distortion" of sorts for objects that are in the water. Polarized sunglasses filter this horizontal light, reducing or eliminating this glare.

Polarized lenses really do make a difference. Of course, they do not make miracles happen. If you are trying to see into really muddy water just forget about it! When water is clear, you will be amazed at what you can see with a pair of these glasses. I always wear my polaroids when I am sight fishing in shallow water for largemouth bass or when I am stream fishing for salmon or trout.

If you are really intent of seeing something in the water, take your hands and completely encase your glasses, blocking  all sources of sunlight from getting in around the glasses. Now look into the water again at the object you could not see clearly. You should be able to see it more clearly now.

There are endless varieties of polarized sunglasses to choose from. They come in all shapes and sizes and run the range in prices from a few dollars to WOW, I would never pay that much for sunglasses. The one thing that I have leaned about sunglasses is that you get what you pay for! I have bought sunglasses that cost $4.00 and i have bought them for $200. The $4.00 ones became scratched very quickly and then they broke in half. Needless to say, I was not happy. Here is a quick list of my favorite polarized fishing sunglasses.

Ocean Waves Bandana Sunglasses:

If you are a serious fisherman, I recommend these polarized sunglasses. There is nothing more annoying than to turn your head while you are flying across the water in at what seems like the speed of sound and your sunglasses come flying off never to be seen again. These bandana sunglasses are on a bandana of course, and have a cinch in the back that holds them comfortably to your head. Hold a pair of these in your hand, you will be able to realize immediately that you are not holding a pair of cheap sunglasses. If sunglasses are a priority to you, buy a pair of these, you will not be disappointed. The only con of Ocean Waves is that they are pricey!

Costa Del Mar Blackfin Sunglasses:

These pricey polarized sunglasses are also worth every penny you will pay for them. What I liked about this model is that it was made so they will not slip off of your head. Another feature of the Blackfin is that you can order them either in polycarbonate or glass lenses.

Oakley Water Jacket Polarized Sunglasses:

With an H2O strap in the back, these polarized sunglasses will be anchored to your head for good once you place them on your head. It seems like these particular glasses were designed for Wave Runners or Jet Skis, but they will work just fine for fishing. They are by far the priciest glasses that I am going to discuss, but I also believe they are the nicest looking as well.  

Strike King Breeze Polarized Sunglasses:

I wanted to included a pair of reasonably priced polarized sunglasses as well.  The Strike King  Breeze has every feature that you could ask for in a pair of glasses. The one thing I don't like about inexpensive glasses is that they tend to either slip off of your head easily, or hold your temples so tightly that they give you a headache.

If you plan on spending lots of time on the water this summer, you really should invest in a good pair of polarized sunglasses, especially if you plan on fishing!