3 Quality Pole Lamps

Pole lamps are a significant way to lighten up your home and apartment while adding elegance and modern design. Are you searching for the perfect pole lamp? One that will give enough light to your room while keeping the source behind a chair, couch, or behind the sofa. Pole lamps make a great addition to any child’s room as well. These lamps can light up a room while staying out of sight.

In this article, I’d like to help you get a better picture of a couple quality pole lamps by giving you specifics and customer reviews that may help in your decision to find the best floor lamp. Hopefully this post will be of some assistance in pointing you in the right direction as well. If you’d like to see more specifications on each of these pole lamps, then click on this link right here. It will take you to the product page on Amazon so you can find many more customer reviews and other descriptions you’ll need to know. So let’s get to the pole lamps!

Pole Lamps

Casa Sorrento™ Collection Low Voltage Pole Lamp

With an antique bronze finish, this pole lamp stands 66 inches tall and fits perfectly on the lawn. This may not be one of the best indoor pole lamps, but you definitely can use it inside your home somewhere. Depending upon your home décor, it could be a perfect design in a library or next to a bookcase. Here’s what the company has to say about it: “Landscape light pole for use with our exclusive Casa Sorrento™ antique bronze finish landscape. Marbleized glass. Rated for wet locations. Must be used with our low voltage landscape kit or with your own existing low voltage system. Includes one 24 watt 12 volt bulb, nine feet of lead wire and connector.”

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Normande JS3-729 27W PL Pole Lamp w/ Antique Brass Finish

This is a daylight floor lamp that adjusts from 42 inches to 50 inches.  With a heavy weighted base, this lamp is pretty basic and produces a great amount of light without blinding you. Listen to some of the customer reviews.

“Solid finish lamp for an incredible deal. I was looking for a floor lamp that I could use for night reading. Great light and it will be very difficult to find a lamp, of this quality, for this price. Very stable lamp. Only negative is that you may want to double check your height requirements, since it's not a super tall lamp. Again this worked very well for me.” – Scott O.

“I ended up buying three of these. That was not the original plan, but the first one provided such good reading light that I started finding other places throughout my house that could use one. Unlike most CFLs, this turns on immediately and at full intensity, and the light is clear and bright without the annoying "fuzziness" of many CFLs. Having the on switch at the base of the fixture is good, too - far too many lamps of this type, for no discernible reason, have the switch located somewhere on the cord so you have to search for it.

Overall a well designed lamp of great utility that so exceeded my expectations that I eventually bought three.”
– Stephen S.

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Normande Lighting 3 x 40W Incandescent Trac Tree Floor Lamp

Yet another pole lamps that will work in many places in your home. This lamp consists of 3 separate lights that hold 40 watt incandescent bulbs for energy saving lighting. If you’re looking for a modern design with elegant features, this is the pole lamp for you. If you’re still curious as to whether or not to take a peek at this lamp, then here’s a couple customer reviews to help you.

“This is the best light. Very easy to put together. It is very stable. I have purchased other stand lights that were more expensive, but not as stable as this light. I highly recommend this light to anyone.” – Tsabo

“This lamp was easy to put together and is great quality--especially for the price. The base is weighted, so it's pretty hard to tip over which is a huge plus when you have little kids/toddlers. Being able to position the lights is really nice. Great lamp.” – Ashley T.

“Easy to put together, and a good basic lamp. can only put 40w bulbs in it, but you can opt for the new CFL's if you need more light. the 12w ones are like a 60w conventional bulb so that solves that issue.” – Christopher V.

“It's well-built. Sure, plastic tends to be cheap, but the lamp shade plastic isn't flimsy. It's sturdy plastic. No one goes to a lamp to stare at it up close. The most anyone will do is go to it to turn it on. From a distance, the lamp looks fancy.” – Kris

“It's not really that bad so for the price I suppose it's worth it. Only problem I've had is it got a little wobbly but just don't move it and you won't have that problem.” – Reviewed

“I needed an extra lamp for the computer room. This was inexpensive and looked attractive in the ad. It works just the way I needed with multiple brightness options in the room, looks fine. Buy it!” – David R.

And here’s one guy who wasn’t satisfied with his purchase of the Normande Lighting Trac Tree Pole Lamp:

“This is a shockingly flimsy and unstable lamp. Even though each section attaches firmly to the others, the base is tiny and weak. I'm returning it and afraid to try another from Amazon.” – J.B.


So if you’re serious about getting at least one of these pole lamps, you can follow this link and go on over to Amazon for the best deals around. There are plenty other types of pole lamps as well on Amazon that might suit your home décor much better. If you’d like to look at a few other pole lamps, there are plenty more reviews on InfoBarrel. We just hope you have a great luck and a good time in your search for your next pole lamp.