2 of the Best Pole Lamps

Are you in the market for pole lamps that may indeed to great in your home? Do you want something that’s high quality, yet inexpensive and easy to assemble? Pole lamps are a great piece to put in your house or apartment to lighten everything up while also adding to your already great décor. Why not take a look at some of the best pole lamps around? This article is all about collecting a few pieces of art and letting you decide which is your favorite? If you don’t like either, you can review the latest article about pole lamps here ---> Pole Lamps to Lighten up Your Life.

If you’d like to look into these two pole lamps for the most inexpensive deals, head over to Amazon and you’ll also find exclusive customer reviews and much more detail. Good luck in your search for the perfect pole lamp!

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Normande Lighting Trac Tree Pole Lamp

The Trac Tree floor lamp has 3 separate adjustable lights so you can direct light wherever needed. Each light has a separate switch so you can use one at a time or all 3 for maximum light output. The lamp measures 64" in height and uses standard 60-watt incandescent bulbs. For only  $34.00 on Amazon, this is a great deal! Hear what current customers are saying about their purchase.

“Do not have anything negative to say about this lamp. My favorite things about the lamp are:

  • Sturdy - nice study metal
  • Easy to Assemble!
  • Great Price
  • Love that you can adjust amount of light by turning on 1, 2 or all 3 lights
  • Adjustable light - the heads adjust so you can direct the light just where you want it
  • Sleek design - not too big so it fits almost anywhere
  • Came well packed in nice box.

I would suggest using energy light bulbs. At first I had regular 60 watt light bulb and it got really hot, but I switched to the spiral energy saving bulbs and the heads do not get nearly as hot and the light is a lot nicer - cooler light all around.” – C. Scott

Product description: The Trac Tree Floor Lamp features three separate adjustable lights each with their own switch so you can use one at a time, two at a time, or all three at the same time. The lamp uses 60 watt incandescent bulbs. It is 64 inches tall, black, and is sturdy.

What I like about the Trac Tree Floor Lamp: It is very easy to assemble - it can be easily assembled by one person and it assembles very quickly if two people work on it. While it is inexpensive, it is very sturdy. The three separate switches allow you to have just the amount of light you need which is perfect, for example, if you want just a little light while watching TV or a lot of light when reading, knitting, sewing, etc. Each light can be moved so you can direct the light exactly where you need it.

What I don't like about the Trac Tree Floor Lamp: yes, you can focus the lights to the spot you want but the light is a little too focused and only lights up a small part of the room. Having said that, the 60 watt bulbs were a little too powerful for such a small space so I switched to 40 watt bulbs which worked a lot better. And while you can adjust each light to shine where you want, you need to be careful because the longer the light is on, the hotter it gets and could burn you if you touch it.

Bottom-line: The Trac Tree Floor lamp isn't perfect but does an excellent job of lighting a small area.”
– Drebbles

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Ore International 5 Arm Arch Pole Lamp

Now here’s a lamp that you can spread out. Containing five separate arms, these pole lamps give out a ton more light than others out there. Save tons of space by putting this behind a chair, couch or in a corner. These pole lamps consist of a dimmer switch and takes 40 watt bulbs. Just take a look at a customer review of this pole lamp.

“I purchased this lamp to replace a similar styled but smaller lamp behind my sectional sofa. The old lamp was the type that screwed together in several sections and tended to fall over as the threads were stripping out. I mention this because this lamp consisted of three pieces - the base, the bottom section, and the top section. The lamp assembled securely and I am confident that this will last - unlike the other reviewer I did not have any issue with the spot welds and do not recollect them at all (The lamp is behind the couch - I don't look at the base much).

The biggest complaint that I have with this lamp is that it does not use traditional light bulbs, so I cannot put in the CFL bulbs that I removed from the old lamp. This lamp uses the smaller base bulbs (I don't know what they are called) and does come with all five bulbs. When I first put the lamp together I was concerned that the 5 40-watt bulbs would not put out adequate light, but I am pleased to say that the lamp is pretty bright and I usually turn the dimmer-style switch to about half way as it is enough light.

I would certainly purchase this again.”
– J.B. Spinks


What a great way to lighten up your room with style. Each of these pole lamps are absolutely worth their price. Go on over to Amazon and look at some of the other customer reviews on each of these pole lamps. You’ll find that they receive high stars by most people. Just click on the title of each lamp pole and you’ll go straight to the product page. If you’d like to check out other pole lamps, go here. Good luck!