A New York City police officer, Gilberto Valle is on trial after being arrested last October for plotting to kidnap and eat human flesh. He is currently being held without bail.

Valle’s strange sexual fantasy of engaging in cannibalism is expressed through his visits to fetish websites that have thousands of members expressing similar fantasy. His computer contains graphic images of corpses and butchered animals. These are used as evidence against him in court.

The problem with the prosecutor’s case is to prove that Valle did have intentions of carrying out his fantasies. The defence contended that it’s just a fantasy albeit a strange sexual fantasy that is shared by thousands of others.

However, when police retrieved records of the online chats, it is discovered that some members related graphic descriptions of how they would kidnap, cook and eat their victims. Valle’s mentor, a British nurse known as Moody Blues also gave suggestions as to how Valle can make his victims delectable to eat.

Moody Blues also claimed that he had eaten a five year boy and two women. He also said that the most delicious part of the body is the foot. The British mentor also planned to meet with Valle in New York but was a little hesitant because he’s afraid of being stopped because of the butchering tools that he might carry.

Moody Blues is now in custody for further investigation into the claims that he had made online. British police is trying to find evidence to support the claims that Moody Blues had made online. They’d been searching around his house and shoveling in the garden to find evidence of any wrongdoing. A forensic team with a dog were also seen around his house.

Neighbors are quite shocked to learn about what was happening and fear had engulfed the neighborhood. There are many children living in the neighborhood so the fear is quite justifiable.

The question now is whether it’s right to arrest someone and charge him with a crime that he hadn’t committed yet. All Valle had done was to discuss his fantasies with others who probably were just making up stories about eating human flesh.

It is like a novelist writing a crime novel. That doesn’t mean the novelist committed the crime. Valle had fantasized about kidnapping and eating his former classmates and female acquaintances but when these women were questioned, none of them found Valle dangerous.

Perhaps Valle is just acting out his strange sexual fantasy with others online and not committing them for real. Should he be punished for his fantasies?