Politicians are not the most loveable of creatures. Sometimes we may want to rub their nose in the crap they do. On the other hand most dogs are pretty cool animals. There are exceptions though. Here are some fun pictures that compares politicians to a dog who looks and or acts like them.

George W. Bush

Regardless of your political views there is no sane reason George W Bush should have followed in his fathers footsteps and become President of the United States. George Junior had a great gig as the owner of the Texas Rangers. Why would you choose the stress and hassles of running for President and being President when you could instead chill out and watch all of the Baseball games you want at the stadium in VIP seating? I am sure he also had access to all the beer he could drink considering he was the owner of the Rangers. He had the American dream in hand and then threw it all away to become President.

Sarah Palin

My first grade teacher always said if you can't say something nice then don't say nothing at all. With that in mind I will say Sarah is beautiful and she lives in a beautiful State. I also like her Moose Stew. 'Nuff said about the "Palinator".

Richard Nixon

Richard Nixon resigned from office. If he had not resigned he would have been hauled away in chains like one of Michael Vick's Dogs. Richard Nixon may not be the innocent dude that tried to portray himself as but he did have the ability to throw out the "Peace Sign" better than any other President in history.

Obama Biden

I thought these 2 dogs were a perfect portrayal of Obama and Biden regardless of whether you support or dislike this pair of American leaders.

Abraham Lincoln

We view Abraham Lincoln has one of the greatest Presidents ever in the history of the United States. The exception to this is some of the People in the Southern States that still have a chip on their shoulder.

If you have a specific politician you would like added to this list just let me know in the comments below and I will Photoshop up an image to add to this list. If you need some reading material may I recommend the expensive books below that are priced extravagantly?

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Making fun of politicians is OK to do because they scam us right? Not all politicians are corrupt but there have been countless politicians who did not have the best interests of the public in their mind. If you enjoy making fun of politicians in a fun way then leave a comment below. I would love to add more politicians to this list of politicians who look like dogs.