Politics is when people make group determinations as to how things should happen. Politics normally refers to the governing body of a country and how the government is set up but it also can mean any group of people who have to deal with one another. There are office politics and the people of most organizations have to deal with political issues within the ranks.

The study of Politics is called political science. Political science is a complex web of behavior, beliefs, motivations, and implementation of power. Trying to figure out just how one action could impact the entire political structure of a group is a massive undertaking.

There are a many different types of governments from democracies to totalitarian regimes and all have a wide range of issues which come into play in their political life.

American Politics, North Korean Politics, and Canadian Politics are all different and all have their own unique political spectrum. In America you suck up to the people, in North Korea you suck up to the dear leader, and I don't know who you suck up to in Canada.

Political structure is integral to society. Even when there is no true government people will form a hierarchical structure of leaders and followers. It is a part of our biology and our pack mentality.

There no game more fun than a game of "Can you spot the leader" to play at an anarchist convention. There always is one but can you pick him out of the crowd?

Political maneuvering and passion is very interesting to observe as it is one of the most vicious of all professions. I'm not sure why throwing a bunch of competitive people into a ring and seeing who comes out on top is so important to people but we must have a leader.

Politics is a calling, a profession, a sport, and a way of life and life would be much less interesting without it.