The effects on the Mojave Basin Range caused by human development is the drainage of water, water pollution, and the killing of plants. Drainage of water can effect the Mojave Basin Range by making the plants have less water to live on ; as well for animals. When we throw certain hazardous wastes down the drain it can contaminate the water that flows into the Basin Range, which can make us sick. That is what leads to water pollution, us throwing trash, oil, and waste into the Basin Range can not only effect ourselves but also the environment and animals too. Killing plants can kill us, the reason why it can kill us is because plants give us a resource of breathing in oxygen. Plants are a big boost in helping us live life, so if we take care of the water we drink then we can help the plants around us stay alive.

Rain effects concrete by various of ways, like it can cause the concrete some discoloration. Rain can also wash out some of the concrete causing it to weaken and start to crack or fall apart. I also think that the rain is not chemically harming concrete in less the resource of were the rain is coming from is a polluted river, ocean, or lake. Concrete can not effect rain because the rain is getting absorbed into the concrete and that's all, so if anything the rain is effecting the concrete by soaking the concrete and washing out dirt from it. Rain can harm the concrete if it does not have any chemical sealant.

When it is raining there is always enough water available for flora, but it barley rains in the Mojave Basin Range because it is a desert. If it barley rains in the Basin Range then there is most likely not enough water available for flora, meaning plants are going to eventually die and dry out. Fauna is going to be effected very much if flora is being effected because that mean they can die too. Most fauna need flora to live on, either it is their food or even their homes. So if there is no flora there is no fauna, if there is no fauna there is nothing for us to eat either; meaning we can also be effected by this. So the effect of flora not having water can definitely effect fauna causing them to die.

Displaced fauna can either die, get injured, or even put you in danger. They can die because maybe they are not use to the place they have been placed at. Fauna can also die because the types of food they eat may not be available for them, or they can swallow something that is poisonous or deadly to them. Fauna always are likely to get injured by the things or stuff around them. For example they can get curious and hurt themselves on sharp objects, or they can also get stuck in different types of things or objects around them. If fauna are displaced they can also put you in harms way, they can be displaced in your area; giving them a slight chance of them attacking you. Fauna can get scared and kill, injure, and bite people or destroy things around you.

I can help the causes of damage to nature by recycling, reusing, and reducing the use of stuff. I can also help nature by using less trees, not playing with fire, and not throwing toxic wastes into oceans, rivers, or even lakes. I can help out by joining a conservation club/committee at school or around the community. Another way is to pick up after others and using both sides of a paper. Carpooling can help to not pollute the air so much. We can help suport nature in many different ways.