Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Polo Shirt

Polo Money
Credit: Michael Tilley

In the age of super stores versus boutique the average man is at a loss. He wants to look good. He wants to be dapper. He wants to exude confidence and swagger with every flex of the bicep, but when he's wearing the wrong shirt he's lost. Today, I will demystify the polo game and show all men what they should be wearing on a warm summer's day. But first let's answer this question, why wear polos?

They are the sexiest shirt a guy can wear. They highlight the best physical attributes of a well toned man and allow him to look fashionably forward in a time where white t-shirts, too skinny jeans and the dreaded hipster look are running rampant. polos are always appropriate without being too casual or too dressy. Like Goldilocks and the three bears a well placed  collared shirt is just right for any man. But which shirt should you wear? Which one provides the best cut for  your body and signals the world that you should be taken seriously. Well every man's closet should have at least these three brands. 

1. Brooks Brother's Golden Fleece. This is the most traditional Polo in America. It's always classic, timeless and adds a level of sophistication to your wardrobe. I suggest owning at least two in classic colors such as red, black, white, green or navy blue. Try staying with the classic cut, but please note the Brooks Brothers also makes an amazing slim cut that will showcase your muscular physique to the world. Brooks Brothers golden fleece is an american classic that every man should own. 

2. Polo by Ralph Lauren is the modern-day staple that every man should own. The pony on the left breast states that you are a true player in the game of life. It is the BMW of it's niche, simple, well designed and noticeable without being flashy. From a day on the golf course to running errands or dancing in a night club this shirt can take you absolutely anywhere. Accepted by both rappers and wall street brokers. Ralph Lauren's signature brand is the most versatile of polo shirts. If you have the money I suggest buying four to five in varying colors and patterns. This brand will take you everywhere you want to be. 

3. The skipjack polo by Southern Tide. Yes this is most expensive shirt on the list but southern tide has produced a fit like no other. It is the king of polo shirts because it pairs comfort with style that will sets your wardrobe above the rest. Not everyone wears southern tide but if you do it says that you are a) well to do b) conscious of looking good and c) willing to pay for quality. This polo shirt is made to be worn in pastels and preppy colors of the south. It's a polo shirt meant for the young entrepreneur, the college frat star, the father who is making six figures. Southern tide is the best polo shirt any man will ever own. 


So there you have it. Don't be shy, rush out and shop. You closed should contain at least seven polo shirts. They set you apart and show the world that you are man of wealth and fashion forward taste.