With the internet being easily accessible to most people, online shopping has become a popular way to buy small items and there are very many businesses who now only sell through the world wide web and deliver their products by post. Both companies and inviduals who are professionally involved in the shipping of small items, are finding that poly bubble mailers have an important part to play in their business. Integral padded envelopes such as these ensure the safe delivery of fragile items without the need for painstakingly wrapping each article separately. They are quick and easy to use and readily available from any store or online supplier of office products.

poly bubble mailers

Whereas, in the past, padded envelopes contained a soft, paper padding, modern bubble mailers are lined with air filled pockets. These are much cleaner and lighter, easier to work with, usually waterproof and most importantly, provide a superior level of protection for fragile items. The standard thickness of the layer of air filled pockets is around 3/16th inches but this is variable depending on the size of the envelope and the level of protection required. This is usually adequate for all small packages and it makes them particularly suitable for the carriage of CDs, DVDs, videos etc.

Padded envelopes, by necessity, come in a range of sizes with, obviously, the larger ones being more expensive. If you are considering using bubble mailers for sending fragile items then you would be wise to look at a number of suppliers before making any decisions. Each purchaser has different needs and each supplier different products and although many may seem very similar you will find that some choices have to be made. Firstly, as I have mentioned, larger envelopes are more expensive so make sure that you do not pay extra for something that is not necessary. You should carefully check the size that you need, making sure that your product fits easily into the envelope so as not to cause too much strain on the sealed edges. You must take into account the labelling of the mailers. Will you be using self adhesive labels or hand writing them? Sometimes you will find that the external finish is incompatible with certain pens and have been produced solely for computer generated labels.

Although poly bubble mailers are much lighter than their paper filled predecessors, you can still find some which have the edge when it comes to weight. If you are sending a good deal of fragile items through the post or via courier then it may make a difference to your postage costs if you can save a little weight here and there. There are some office products and supplies companies who specialise in particularly lightweight padded envelopes and this is something that is worth considering if you are dispatching bulk orders.

How to seal the envelopes? Gone are the days of the nasty tasting gum that was used to seal padded envelopes and gone are the days of having to find the end of the sticky tape to ensure the safety of the contents. Now you will find that the majority of mailers are self seal. You are still be able to get some bargain envelopes at a discount rate if you particularly need ones which you seal yourself but in general they will be self seal and easy and clean to secure.

Another factor to take into account, particularly if your business is involved in environmental issues, is the fact that the lining of these bubble mailers is obviously plastic and plastic is not too popular when it comes to the question of the environment. However, with some research, you will be able to source mailers which use a completely biodegradeable plastic and are one hundred per cent compostable. If this is an important factor in your business strategy then these could be a useful option. Although more expensive, it does mean that you do not have to compromise the safety of your products.

Poly bubble mailers are an easy answer to many problems when it comes to the safe delivery of fragile items and with the availability of a large choice from most suppliers of office products, you can find the right padded envelopes to suit your paricular needs and no longer have to worry about your goods being returned due to breakage whilst in transit.